Ancient Coinage of Thrace, Potidaia

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Traite 1649 varPotidia, Macedon, AR hemiobol, (0.32g) Horse standing right. / Head right, with pointed cap, within incuse square. Traite II-1, 1649 var (head left); Weber pl. XVI, 14 var (ditto) in NC 1898. TextImage
SNG ANS 687Potidaia, Thrace. AR tetradrachm, ca 525-500 BC. 17.04 g. Poseidon Hippios on horseback right, holding trident. / Incuse square diagonally divided. SNG ANS 687.TextImage
SNG ANS 692Macedon, Potidaia. Circa 500-480 BC. AR Tetrobol. Poseidon Hippios on horseback right, holding trident; star below / Archaic female head right within linear incuse square. SNG ANS 692. TextImage
SNG ANS 693Macedon, Potidaia. Circa 500-480 BC. AR Tetrobol (2.75 gm). Poseidon Hippios on horseback, wielding trident / Archaic head of Artemis(?) within incuse square. TextImage
SNG Cop 315 Macedon, Potidaia. Circa 480-460 BC. AR Tritemorion (0.54 gm). Horse standing right; uncertain symbol below / Female head (Amazon?) right. Weber 1956 var. TextImage
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