Ancient Coinage of Thrace, Kings, Rhoemetalkes II

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Tiberius RPC 1721

Tiberius & Rhoemetalces II, King of Thrace AE 22 mm. Busts of Rhoemetalces II, diademed, & his queen, right / Bare head of Tiberius right.TextImage

Caligula RPC 1723

Caligula & King Rhoemetalkes III 26 of the Thracian Kingdom. AIΩ KAIΣAΡI ΣEBAΣTΩ, laureate head of Caligula left / BAΣIΛEYΣ ΡOIMHTAΛKAΣ, diademed & draped bust of Rhoemetalkes III left. BMC 2, Jurukova 209, SGI 5407.TextImage
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