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Ashmolean 3719Kotys I, King of Thrace AR trihemiobol, 0,77gr. Bearded head of Dionysos of Thrace (Sabazios) left / KO, two handled cup, ivy leaf below right. Ashmolean IV 3719, otherwise unpublished.TextFull Size
Moushmov 5704 Kotys I, King of Thrace. 382-359 BC. AR Trihemiobol. Bearded male head left / K-O T-O, two handled cup. BMC 1; Topalov, The Odrysian kingdom.., 21. TextFull Size
Moushmov 5706 Kotys I, King of Thrace, AE18. Horseman right, arm outstretched / two-handled cup, K O T Y around. TextFull Size
Topalov 34Kotys I, King of Thrace, AE21. 382-359 BC. Forepart of horse left / KOTY around kantharos. Topalov Plate 34. TextFull Size
Sear SG 1723Kotys I, King of Thrace, AR Obol. 10 mm, 0.85 g. Bearded male head left, perhaps Kotys / K O T Y, two-handled vase. Sear SG 1703; BMC 1; Topalov 33.TextFull Size
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