Ancient Coinage of Thrace, Kardia

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BMC 1Kardia, Thrace. Ca 350-309 BC. AE 20mm 8.51 g). Wreathed head of Persephone left, wearing triple-pendant earring / KAΡΔIA, Lion crouching left, broken spear in jaws; grain ear in exergue. SNG Copenhagen 862; BMC 1.TextImage
BMC 8Thrace, Kardia. ca 350 BC. AE 20mm. Wreathed head of Persephone left, in triple-pendant earring & necklace / KAΡΔIA, lion standing left, breaking a spear held in its mouth; star below, kernel of grain in ex. SNG Cop 864. TextImage
BMC 11Kardia, Thrace. Ca 350-309 BC. AE 20mm, 6.60 g. Head of Persephone facing slightly left, wearing wreath of grain and triple-pendant earrings / KAΡΔIA, lion standing left, head right, on barley grain; star to left. SNG Copenhagen 866; BMC 11.TextImage
BMC 18Kardia, Thrace. Ca. 350-309 BC. AE 11mm 1.17 gm. Lion's head left / KAΡΔIA between grain ear and barley corn. SNG Copenhagen 871. BMC 18.TextImage
Moushmov 5479Thracian Chersones, Kardia AE18. 4th century BC. Head of Persephone left, wreathed with corn ears / KAΡΔIA, lion standing left breaking spear in its mouth. TextImage
SNG Cop 863Cardia, Thracian Chersonese, AE18. Head of Demeter left / lion standing left, breaking spear in its jaws, grain ear below. TextImage
SNG Cop 868Kardia, Thrace, AE12, 1.9 gr. ca. 350-309 BC. Panther springing left / KAΡΔIA, Barley corn within linear square. SNG Copenhagen 868.TextImage
Sear SG 1598Kardia, Thrace AE20, 350-309 BC. Bronze, 8.92 g. Head of Demeter left, wreathed with corn. / KAΡΔIA, Lion standing left, head facing, gnawing on prey, barley corn below. Traité IV, 1583; BMC 3; SNG Cop 862; Lindgren I, 859; Sear SG 1598.TextImage
Sear SG 1599Thrace, Kardia. ca 350 BC. AE 19mm. Three-quarter facing head of Persephone, turned slightly left, in triple-pendant earrings & necklace / KAΡΔIA, lion standing left, head reverted; star before, barley corn below. BMC 11, SNG Cop 866.TextImage
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