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BMC 4aDikaia, Thrace, AR Obol. Ca 420 BC. 0.57g, 19mm. Female head left, with rolled up hair / ΔIK around bull's head facing. BMC 4a; Sch÷nert-Geiss, Bisanthe pl.6, 19; TraitÚ pl. 340, 4.TextFull Size
CNG 7293Dikaia, Thrace. c3rd Century BC. Ă 12mm. Horned head of river-god left / ΔIK-AIO, bull's head left. Unpublished. CNG int. no. 7293. TextFull Size
SNG Lockett 1187Dikaia, Thrace. AR hemidrachm or triobol, 1.84 g. ca 490-475 BC. Bearded head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress, Δ to right. / Rooster standing right with worm in its beak, all in dotted linear square in square incuse. SNG Lockett 1187 (this coin); BMC (Selymbria) 4; May 27 in NC 1965.TextFull Size
TraitÚ II-1, 1594Dikaia, Thrace, Ca 500 BC. AR Diobol. 1.022 gr. Cock standing right / Rooster standing right, within incuse square. Babelon TraitÚ II-1, 1594; Imhoof MG 50-51. TextFull Size
Imhoof MG 48aDikaia, Chalcides, (as Thrace), AR Trihemiobol, ca. 480-450 BC. 10mm, 0.51g. Rooster standing right / IΔ-KA in the four quarters of a quadripartite incuse square. Imhoof, Monnaies Grecques, 48a.TextFull Size
May 30Dikaia, Thrace, AR Stater. Ca 490-475 BC. 7.27g, 20mm. Bearded head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress, within dotted border / ΔIK around bull's head left, within incuse square. Sch÷nert-Geiss 23/5; May 30; Jameson 1055 (same dies).TextFull Size
May 37 Dikaia, Thrace. Circa 490-475 BC. AR Obol. Rooster standing right / Bearded head of Herakles. TextFull Size
Moushmov 3819 Dikaia, Thrace AR Distater. Circa 490-480 BC. Head of Herakles right, in lionskin headdress / rough quadripartite incuse square. Sch÷nert-Geiss 2v, May 14-16. TextFull Size
Tzamalis 12 Dikaia, Thrace(?) Electrum Hekte. Late 6th century BC. Archaic head of Herakles left, in lionskin headdress / rough incuse square. TextFull Size
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