Ancient Coinage of Dikaia

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Babelon TraitÚ lists two minting cities named Dikaia. He wrote that Dikaia, Thrace was near Abdera and its coins tended to show the head of Herakles. Dikaia, Macedonia was on the Chalcidean coast, to the north of Potidea and across the river from Pydna. Its coins tended to show a bull, a bull's head, or the forepart of a bull.
BMC 4aDikaia, Thrace, AR Obol. Ca 420 BC. 0.57g, 19mm. Female head left, with rolled up hair / ΔIK around bull's head facing. BMC 4a; Sch÷nert-Geiss, Bisanthe pl.6, 19; TraitÚ pl. 340, 4.TextImage
CNG 7293Dikaia, Thrace. ca 3rd Century BC. AE 12mm. Horned head of river-god left / ΔIK-AIO, bull's head left. Unpublished. CNG int. no. 7293.TextImage
SNG Lockett 1187Dikaia, Thrace. AR hemidrachm or triobol, 1.84 g. ca 490-475 BC. Bearded head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress, Δ to right. / Rooster standing right with worm in its beak, all in dotted linear square in square incuse. SNG Lockett 1187 (this coin); BMC (Selymbria) 4; May 27 in NC 1965.TextImage
TraitÚ II-1, 1594Dikaia, Thrace, Ca 500 BC. AR Diobol. 1.022 gr. Cock standing right / Rooster standing right, within incuse square. Babelon TraitÚ II-1, 1594; Imhoof MG 50-51. TextImage
Imhoof MG 48aDikaia, Chalcides, (as Thrace), AR Trihemiobol, ca. 480-450 BC. 10mm, 0.51g. Rooster standing right / IΔ-KA in the four quarters of a quadripartite incuse square. Imhoof, Monnaies Grecques, 48a.TextImage
May 30Dikaia, Thrace, AR Stater. Ca 490-475 BC. 7.27g, 20mm. Bearded head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress, within dotted border / ΔIK around bull's head left, within incuse square. Sch÷nert-Geiss 23/5; May 30; Jameson 1055 (same dies).TextImage
May 37Dikaia, Thrace. Circa 490-475 BC. AR Obol. Rooster standing right / Bearded head of Herakles. TextImage
Moushmov 3819Dikaia, Thrace AR Distater. Circa 490-480 BC. Head of Herakles right, in lion's skin headdress / rough quadripartite incuse square. Sch÷nert-Geiss 2v, May 14-16. TextImage
Tzamalis 12Dikaia, Thrace(?) Electrum Hekte. Late 6th century BC. Archaic head of Herakles left, in lionskin headdress / rough incuse square. TextImage
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