Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Trikka

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BCD Thessaly 767 varTrikka, Thessaly, AR Hemidrachm. 16.14 mm, 2.56 g. 440-400 BC. Thessalos, petasos and cloak tied at neck, holding band across the horns of forepart of bull right / TΡ-IK-KAION upwards and downwards above, and beneath forepart of horse right within shallow concave circle. BCD Thessaly II 767 var (configuration of legend).TextImage
BCD 1355Trikka, Thessaly. AR Obol (11 mm, 0.91 g), c. 440-400 BC. Horse galloping to right / TΡIKKAIΩN, Athena striding left, wearing helmet, aegis and robes, hurling horizontal spear with her right hand and with shield over her left shoulder; all within incuse square. BCD Thessaly 1355.TextImage
BMC 6cfThessaly, Trikka. Circa 480-400 BC. AR Hemidrachm (2.62 gm). Youth wrestling forepart of bull / T-ΡI-K-AIO-N, forepart of horse. TextImage
SNG Cop 263Thessaly, Trikka. Circa 480-400 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Youth restraining forepart of bull / TΡ-IK-ION, Forepart of horse right. TextImage
SNG Cop 267Thessaly, Trikka. c400-344 BC. 25mm. Head of the nymph Trikka right / TΡIKKAI-ΩN, Asklepios seated right, feeding bird to serpent. TextImage
SNG Ox 3933Thessaly. Tricca AR Hemidrachm. ca 420400 BC. Bull wrestler running right, grasping horns of bull forepart leaping right / TΡIKKAION (retrograde), bridled horse running right. SNG Oxford 3933.TextImage
Sear SG 2226Trikka silver hemidrachm, 480-420 BC. Youth, right, restraining forepart of unruly bull. Forepart of horse prancing right.TextImage
Sear SG 2230Trikka, Thessaly, AE22 Trichalkon, Late 4th-early 3rd centuries BC. 8.67 g. Head of the nymph Trikke right. / TΡIKKAIΩN, Asklepios seated right on stool, holding sceptre and a bird, apparently feeding it to a coiled serpent to right. A beneath stool. Hoover HGC 336; Sear SG 2230; BMC 17.TextImage
Traite 555Trikka, Thessaly, AR obol. 440-400 BC. AR Obol. Free horse in slow trot right / TΡIKKAI-ΩN to right and left of Trikka in long drapery, standing facing, head left, bouncing a ball with her left hand, right hand at her waist. BCD Thessaly (2012) 778.3; Trait 555.TextImage
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