Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Scotussa

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BCD 749Scotussa, Thessaly, ca. 394-367 BC. AE Dichalkon 19mm, 5.17g. Kantharos / Club crossed with uncertain object (lagobolon?). BCD Thessaly 749.TextImage
BMC 1Thessaly, Skotussa AR Drachm. Circa 480-400 BC. Forepart of horse left / ΣK-O, grain ear diagonally within incuse square. SNG Cop 250. TextImage
BMC 2Thessaly, Skotussa. Circa 400-367 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Head of Herakles right, in lion's skin / Forepart of horse right. SNG Copenhagen 252cf. TextImage
BMC 5Thessaly, Scotussa. 400-367 B.C. AE 19 mm. Head of Ares right in close-fitting helmet ornamented with plume / Horse prancing right. TextImage
Helios 5, 92Skotoussa, Thessaly, AR obol. ca. 480-400 BC. 1.07 g. Bull's hoof of shield / ΣKO, grain-ear in incuse square. Unpublished. Helios Auction 5, lot 92.TextImage
Rogers 543Scotussa, Thessaly. 360-344 BC. AE22. Head of nymph facing / ΣKOTOYΣΣAI-ΩN, Bunch of grapes on vine branch. SNG Cop 256, Rogers 543.TextImage
Rogers 548Thessaly, Skotussa. 3rd century BC. AE15mm, 3.11 g. Thessalian helmet / ΣKOT.., Ram standing right on club. Rogers 548; SNG Cop -. TextImage
SNG Cop 256AE21 of Scotussa, Thessaly. Head of nymph facing slightly right / ΣKOTOYΣΣAI-ΩN, Bunch of grapes on stem with leaves and tendrils. SNG Copenhagen 256; SNG Muenchen 181; Rogers 543.TextImage
SNG Cop 258Thessaly, Scotussa. Circa 3rd century BC. AE 18mm. Helmeted head (Ares or Athena?) right / Horse prancing right; Φ beneath horse. Text

Traite 7Skotussa. c400-367 BC. AR Hemidrachm. Head of Herakles right, in lion’s skin headdress / Forepart of a grazing horse right. Traité pl. 245.TextImage
Sear SG 2218Skotussa, Thessaly, AR Hemidrachm. Forepart of horse right / ΣKO, Corn grain in its husk, all within incuse square.TextImage
Sear SG 2219Thessaly, Skotussa, ca 400-367 BC, AR Hemidrachm. 2.77 g. Head of Herakles right, in lionskin headdress / ΣKO, Forepart of horse right. BMC 2. TextImage
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