Ancient Coinage of Thessaly, Rhizous

The exact location of Rhizous is unknown but it was probably in the wooded area of today's Pelion, in eastern Thessaly or Magnesia, or at the site of the modern village Kokkino Nero, Larissa.

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Laffaille 331Thessaly, Rhizous. ca 350 BC. AE 20mm. Laureate head of Zeus right / ΡIZOYΣIΩN, grape cluster hanging from vine; small Λ between cluster & vine. TextImage
Rogers 535Rhizous, Thessaly, AE18 dichalkon, 4th century BC, 4.88 gr. Head of Artemis right, wearing pendant earring / ΡIZOYΣIΩN between the rays of a star of ten rays. Rogers 535; Traité IV, 748.TextImage
Rogers 536Rhizous, Thessaly, AE11, 4th century BC, 1.92 gr. Head of Artemis right / ΡIZOYΣI between the rays of a star of eight rays. Rogers 536.TextImage
Rogers 538Rhirous, Thessaly. 4th century BC. AE21 Trichalkon, 6.46 g. Laureate and bearded head of Zeus right / ΡIZOYΣIΩN (from the top, clockwise) around a bunch of grapes on a stalk from a vine branch with two vine leaves; two tendrils above; upright trident in right field. Rogers 538; Traité IV, 747 var.TextImage
Triton XV, 722Rhizous, Thessaly, 4th c. BC. AE11 Chalkous. 1.51 g. Female head left, wearing pendant earring, hair gathered up around and above her head / RIZ-OY above and beneath forepart of doe or stag left, all within oak wreath. Unpublished. Triton XV, lot 722.TextImage
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