Ancient Coinage of Syria, Palmyra

In Spring and Summer 2015, the beautiful remains of ancient Palmyra were savagely destroyed by the mobs of the so-called "Islamic State". This page is dedicated to the memory of Khaled al-Assad, the archaeologist who excavated so many remains of this city, and who was brutally murdered by the same mobs in August 2015.

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BMC 7Palmyra, Syria, AE10. 1st-2nd cent. AD. Turreted and veiled head of Tyche right / Lion right. De Saulcy 26; BMC 7.TextImage
BMC 44Palmyra, Syria, AE14. 40-41 AD. Draped bust of Tyche right / Nike standing left; year LAΠ in left field. De Saulcy 4; BMC 44.TextImage
De Saulcy 1Palmyra, Syria, AE16. 2nd-3rd century AD. Nike walking left, holding palm branch and placing scales on a column or baetyl to left / Radiate, draped bust of the moongod Aglibol facing right on the left, crescent on shoulders, facing bust of Baal (Serapis) wearing modius in the centre and radiate, draped bust of Yarhibol (Sol) facing left, on the right. De Saulcy 1.TextImage
De Saulcy 3Palmyra, Syria, AE15. 2nd-1st century BC. Forepart of a bull; crescent below / caduceus between crossed cornucopiae, all within wreath. De Saulcy 3.TextImage
De Saulcy 4Palmyra, Syria, AE11. 1st-2nd century AD. Bull standing right, crescent above / Doe or hind standing right, looking left. De Saulcy 4.TextImage
De Saulcy 5Palmyra, Syria, AE9. 1st- 2nd cent. AD. Draped and turreted bust of Tyche right / Π-A to left and right of palm tree. De Saulcy 5; BMC 2; Du Buisson 37.TextImage
De Saulcy 14Palmyra, Syria, AE8. 1st-2nd century AD. Turreted head of Tyche right / Radiate head of Malakbel facing, crescent on shoulder. De Saulcy 14.TextImage
De Saulcy Pl. 25, 13Palmyra, Syria, AE15. Turreted and draped bust of Tyche right / Lion walking right. Saulcy, Terre Sainte Pl. 25, 13; ANS 1944.100.65280.TextImage
De Saulcy 30Palmyra, Syria, AE11. 1st- 2nd cent. AD. Radiate head of Baalshamin right, modius on head / Radiate head of Aglibol right, on crescent. De Saulcy 30; BMC 3 var (head left).TextImage
De Saulcy 31Palmyra, Syria, AE12. 1st- 2nd cent. AD. Radiate, draped head (of Malakbel?)right, crescent to right / Radiate, draped head of Aglibol right, on crescent. De Saulcy 31.TextImage
De Saulcy 32Palmyra, Syria, AE16. 1st- 2nd cent. AD. Radiate, draped head right / Radiate, draped head right, slightly smaller than the obverse image. De Saulcy 32.TextImage
Lindgren A1141aPalmyra. Civic Issue. c2nd-3rd Century AD. AE 16mm. Turreted bust of Tyche / caduceus between crossed cornucopiae. TextImage
Lindgren II A1931APalmyra, Syria. AE14 mm, 2nd-3rd c. AD. Draped and bearded bust of Serapis-Baal right, wearing kalathos / ΠAΛMYΡI, Lion walking right, draped, turreted head of Tyche above. Lindgren II, A1931A.TextImage
Mionnet VI, 347Palmyra, Syria, as a colony. Roman times. AE14. 3.1 g. IOVI AVGVS, Nike walking right, holding wreath. / COL COS CLA, caduceus between crossed cornucopiae. Mionnet VI, 347 (uncertain mints); Goussous, Jordan Ahli Bank 2 (Palmyra); Saulcy p. 65 (Palmyra); Paris 1776 (Palmyra); RPC I 4751 (Ake-Ptolemais).TextImage
Savoca 14, 283Palmyra, Syria ? AE10, ca AD 50-250. 0.76g. Helmeted bust of Athena right, aegis on chest. / Caduceus between crossed cornucopiae. Possibly unpublished. Savoca 14, 283.TextImage
Seyrig 13Palmyra, Syria. AE20 mm, 1st century BC. Radiate head of Helios-Shamash right / Arsu seated right on camel, holding short rod. Seyrig, Nisibe 13; CSE II 846.TextImage
SNG Munich 519Palmyra, Syria, AE13. 2nd-3rd century AD. Turreted and draped bust of Atargatis (Selene) right, crescent to left, star to right / Radiate, draped bust facing, head left. SNG Munich 519.TextImage
SNG Munich 522Palmyra, Syria. AE12 mm, 2nd-3rd c. AD. Radiate, draped bust of Baalschamin right, wearing kalathos / Radiate, draped bust of Malakbel left. DeSaulcy 18; SNG Munich 522.TextImage
SNG Munich 535Palmyra, Syria. AE12 mm, 2nd-3rd c. AD. Turreted and veiled bust of Tyche right / Radiate, draped bust facing. SNG Munich 535.TextImage
SNG Munich 553Palmyra, Syria. AE13 mm, 2nd-3rd c. AD. Radiate, draped bust of Baalschamin right, wearing kalathos / Deer standing right, head turned left, child (Telephos?) suckling below. SNG Munich 553.TextImage
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