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Spijkerman 3 Syria, Decapolis, Philadelphia. Imperial Times. AE 16mm. Veiled and draped bust of Demeter right / Basket with grain-ears and serpents; at right date SKC = 163-164 AD. TextFull Size
Hendin 743Titus AE20mm of Judaea, Capta. Minted at Caesarea Maritima or Philadelphia. AVTOKΡ TITOΣ KAIΣAΡ, laureate head right / IOYΔIAΣ EAΛΩKVIAΣ, Victory standing right, inscribing shield attached to palm tree. RPC 2311.TextImage
RPC 2107Domitian as Caesar AE24 of Philadelphia, Syria. Dated local Year 143, KAICAΡ ΔOMITIANOC, laureate head right (oval countermark of bearded head of Hercules right) / L-MP, Veiled and draped bust of Tyche right. Hendin 896.TextImage
Hendin 896Domitian AE23 of Philadelphia, Syria. Dated Local Year 143 = AD 80-81. KAICAΡ ΔOMITIANOC, laureate head right / ΦIΛAΔEΛΦEΩN L ΓMΡ, turreted bust of Tyche right, palm branch behind shoulder. Spijkerman 10, RPC 2107. TextImage
Spij 11Hadrian, AE22 of Philadelphia, Syria. AD 117-138. Laureate and draped bust right, seen from behind / Bust of Herakles right, lionskin tied around neck. TextImage
Spij 13Hadrian AE 23 mm of Philadelphia, Syria. Laureate bust of Hadrian right / Laureate bust of Herakles right, lionskin knotted around neck.TextImage
Spij. 15Hadrian, AE19 of Philadelphia, Syria. AD 117-138. 7.87 gr. AΔΡIANOC CEBACTOC, laureate and draped bust right / ΦIΛAΔEΛΦEΩN KC, veiled and draped bust of Demeter right, holding grain ears. Spijkerman 15; SNG ANS 1384; Rosenberger 15.TextFull Size
SNG ANS 1388Antoninus Pius, AE23 of Philadelphia, Syria. AYT KAICAΡ ANTWNEINOC CEB, laureate, draped bust right / TYXH ΦIΛAΔEΛΦEAC, Tyche standing right, holding sceptre and cornucopiae, resting left foot on uncertain object. SNG ANS 1388; cf BMC 7-8.TextFull Size
SNG ANS 1389Marcus Aurelius, AE26 of Philadelphia, Syria. AD 161-180. AVT KAIC M AVΡ ANTΩNINOC, laureate, draped bust right / ΦIΛAΔEΛΦEΩN KOIΛHC CYΡIAC, Bust of Herakles right with lionskin around neck. SNG ANS 1389.TextFull Size
Spij 24Marcus Aurelius AE26 of Philadelphia, Syria. Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Veiled and draped bust of Asteria right; star above. Rosenberger 23. TextImage
Spij. 36Commodus, AE20 of Philadelphia, Syria. AD 180-192. 6.37 g. AVT A[VΡ KO]MOΔ, laureate head right / ΦIΛ KOIA CYΡ, veiled and draped bust of Demeter right, torch before left shoulder. Spijkerman 36; SNG Lewis 1786.TextFull Size
Spij. 39Commodus AE17 of Philadelphia, Syria. AD 191-192. AYT AYΡ KOMOΔOC, bare head right. / ΦIΛ COIΛ CYΡ, turreted and draped bust of Tyche left, cornucopiae behind head. Spijkerman 39; RPC IV.3, 6655 (temp), this coin illustrated.TextFull Size
BMC 21Elagabalus. AE21 of Philadelphia, Decapolis. AV KECAΡ ANTΩNINOC, laureate head right / ΦIΛ KOI CYΡ, veiled and draped bust of Astaria right, four-pointed star above head. SNG ANS 1399-1401; BMC Arabia 21.TextFull Size
Spij 46Elagabalus, AE23 of Philadelphia, Syria. AD 218-222. AV KECAΡ ANTΩNINO, Laureate and cuirassed bust right / ΦIΛ KOIΛ CYΡ above and beneath chariot with domed canopy supported by four pillars drawn right by four horses. Spijkerman 46; Rosenberger 47; SNG ANS 1398.TextFull Size
Spij 47Elagabalus, AE15 of Philadelphia, Syria. 2.74 gr. AD 218-222. AVT ..ANTΩNINOC, laureate head right / ΦIΛ KOI CYΡ, Veiled and draped bust of Asteria right. Spijkerman 47; BMC 21; Sear GIC 3138.TextFull Size
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