Ancient Coinage of Spain, Emporiai

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Burgos 874cfEmporion. After 241 BC. AR Tetartemorion. Head right / Pegasos flying right; annulets below. TextImage
Burgos 1197Emporiai, Spain, AR Tetartemorion. After 241 BC. 7 mm, 0.13 g. Male head right with four tufts of hair sticking out at the back. / OO (or ΘO) beneath Pegasus flying right. Burgos 1197; CNH p. 60, 164.TextImage
Campo XVI, 3Emporion, Spain, AR trihemiobol. 10mm, 0.86g. Ca 450-425 BC. Forepart of man-headed bull left / Rough incuse. Campo pl. XVI, 3. Villaronga, Monedas, -. CNH -. SNG BM Spain -.TextImage
RPC 257Time of Augustus, c. 27-25 BC, AE26, Emporia, Spain, (10.12g) Helmeted head of Athena right, rectangular countermark DD before, oval countermark of cornucopiae / Pegasos right. TextImage
SNGBM 16Spain, Emporion AR Drachm. ca 241-218 BC. Head of Arethusa right; three dolphins around / Pegasos flying right. CNH 15. TextImage
SNGCop 640Spain, Emporion AR Drachm. ca late 3rd Century BC. Head of Arethusa right, grain ears in hair, in earring & necklace; three dolphins around / Pegasos right. TextImage