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Burgos 2064Sagunt Arsgitar, Spain, AE Sextans, 13mm, 1.57 gr. Scallop shell / Dolphin, crescent above, star and Iberian letter A below. Burgos (2008) 2064.TextFull Size
Sear Greek 27Spain, Arsaos (Saguntum), AE sextans, mid 2nd Cent. BC. 3.34g., 15mm. Scallop shell / Dolphin right, three pellets above; script (resembling D/|\IS) below. Sear Greece I, 27; Ripolles I, 154; Heiss 5.TextFull Size
Villaronga 14 Spain, Arsaos-Saguntum. Circa Late 2nd Century BC. AR Denarius (3.62 gm). Bearded male head right; plow and dolphin / Horseman galloping right with spear; Arsaos-Saguntum. TextFull Size