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RPC 134Augustus, Acci in Hispania Tarraconensis. AE. CIG AC, legionary eagle between two standards / II, legionary eagle between two standards. RPC I 134.TextFull Size
RPC 135Augustus, AE As. Acci. Tarraconensis. AVGVSTVS DIVI F, laureate head right / C I G ACCI L I II, Two aquilae between two signa. RPC 135.TextFull Size
Burgos 34
RPC 135 var
Augustus, AE29 As of Acci, Spain. 14,69 gr. DIVI F AVGVSTVS, Bare head right / C I C L I II ACCI, two legionary eagles between two standards. Burgos 2008, 34; RPC 135 var (bust type).TextFull Size
RPC 136Augustus, AE23 of Acci, Spain. 6.93 gr. AVGVSTVS DIVI F, laureate head right / C I G ACCI, apex and simpulum. RPC 136; Burgos (2008) 36; SNG Cop 473: Mionnet Supp. I, 274.TextFull Size
RPC 139Tiberius, AE As of Acci, Spain. TI.CAESAR.DIVI.AUG.F.AUGUSTUS.R, laureate head left / C.I.G.ACCI, 2 legionary eagles and two standards. Burgos (2008) 39. TextImage
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