Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Uncertain

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Bahrfeldt 75Sicily, uncertain Roman mint. AE Uncia. 15mm. mid-second century BC. Head of Herakles left, wearing lionskin headdress. / Dot-X to left and right of club. Bahrfeldt 75; Hoover HGC 1682.TextImage
CNG 59, 7Sicily, Uncertain mint AE 11mm or a seal. ca 3rd century BC. Facing lion head / Boar running left; club and star above. TextImage
CNP 513aSicily, uncertain mint. Possibly Lopedusa (Lampedusa). AE17, ca 2nd c. BC. 2.02 g. "bsby" in Punic, crab. / "bp" in Punic, Herakles standing right, holding club and extending left hand. Kadman CNP 513a; SNG Cop 477-478.TextImage
Hoover HGC 1678Sicily, uncertain Roman mint. AE quadrantes. 1923mm. mid-2nd century BC. Laureate head of Apollo left, value mark ooo to right. / Q above four grain ears with leaf, value mark ooo to left. Hoover HGC 1678; Calciati III, 205/1.TextImage
Hoover HGC 1679Sicily, uncertain Roman mint. Perhaps Panormos. AE quadrantes. 1923mm. mid-second century BC. Veiled head of Ceres left, cornucopiae behind head. / Cornucopiae, value mark ooo to left. Hoover HGC 1679.TextImage
Hoover HGC 1697Sicily, Uncertain mint, AE16, Magistrate Naso... ca 200-190 BC. 2.46 g. Laureate head of Zeus left / NASO within wreath. BAR Issue 38; CNS 81 (Panormus); Hoover HGC 1697.TextImage
Hoover HGC 1698Sicily, Uncertain Roman mint. Circa 204-190 BC. AE16mm, 2.51 g. Laureate head of Apollo left / Two grain ears; Q above. BAR Issue 10; CNS 193-4 (Panormos); Hoover HGC 1698.TextImage
Leu 4, 192Sicily, uncertain mint. Possibly Lopedusa (Lampedusa). AE16, ca 2nd c. BC. 2.28 g. "bsby" in Punic, crab. / Caduceus and symbol of Tanit within laurel wreath. Leu 4, 192. Var of CNP 3 and SNG Cop 485-488 (symbol positions reversed).TextImage
Manganaro 43Sicily, Uncertain mint, AR 8 mm, Tetras, 4th cent. BC, 0.16 g. Female head right / Barleycorn, three dots around. G. Manganaro, Traveaux Le Rider, pl. 24, 43.TextImage
Naumann 36, 17Sicily, Uncertain mint AE seal. ca 3rd century BC. 19mm, 1.80 g. Lion's head facing / Boar running left; club and star above. Numis. Naumann 36, 17. TextImage
NT 4972Sicily, Uncertain mint, AR unit. Female head right / Barley-grain, four dots around. Not in BMC, Hunter, Rutter, Mionnet, Magna Grecia, Head, Sambon, Crawford etc. Numis. Tintinna 4972.TextImage