Ancient Coinage of Kentoripai, Sicily

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Calciati 1
Sear SG 1080
Kentoripai, Sicily AE Litra. 344-336 BC. Wreathed head of Persephone left, dolphins around / KENTOΡIΠINΩN, panther left, with paw raised and back arched. BMC 1, SNG ANS 1305, SNG Lloyd 924. SNG Morcom 565. SNG Cop 209, Calciati 1. TextImage
Calciati 3
Sear SG 1081
Kentoripai, Sicily AE Dekankion. ca 344-336 BC. Laureate head of Zeus right, eagle standing behind / KENTO-ΡIΠINΩN, winged thunderbolt, Δ below. Calciati 3. TextImage
Calciati 5
Sear SG 1082
Kentoripai, Sicily. ca 344-336 BC. AE Hemilitron. Laureate head of Apollo right / KENTOΡIΠINΩN, lyre; six dots (value). Calciati 5; BMC 7; SNG Cop 213. TextImage
Calciati 6Kentoripai, Sicily. Circa 344-336 BC. AE Hemilitron, 4.03 g. Diademed head of Artemis right, quiver behind shoulder. / KENTO-ΡIΠINΩN, tripod, three dots to left. Calciati 6; Hoover HGC 636. TextImage
Calciati 7Kentoripai, Sicily. ca 344-336 BC. AE Hexas. Draped bust of Persephone right, grain ear in hair; stalk of grain behind / KENTOΡIΠINΩN, plow with a small bird standing on the share; two dots. TextImage
Hoover 635Kentoripai, Sicily, AE21, ca. 344-336 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right / KENTO-ΡIΠINΩN to left and right of lyre. Hoover HGC 635; CNS III, 5.TextImage
SNG ANS 1326Kentoripai, Sicily, AE hexas, 15.15mm, 2.22 gr. 3rd century BC. Head of Demeter right, corn-ear behind head. / KENTO-ΡIΠINΩN above and beneath plough with bird standing on the share, two dots to left. SNG ANS 1326; Calciati 7; Hoover HGC 637.TextImage
SNG ANS 1327
Calciati 9
Sicily. Kentoripai. Ca. 200 BC. AE hexas (2.04 gm). Laureate(?) head of bearded Herakles right / KENTO-ΡIΠINΩN, horizontal club, XI in lower field. Calciati III, p. 177, 9. SNG ANS 1327. SNG Morcom 575.TextImage
SNG Cop 219Sicily, Centuripae AE12. After 251 BC. Head of Herakles right / KENTO-ΡIΠINΩN to right and left of club. SNG ANS 1330; SNG Cop 219. TextImage
Sear SG 1084Kentoripai, Sicily. AE Hexas. After 241BC, Bust of Demeter righti, wreathed with corn / KENTO-ΡIΠINΩN, Plough right with bird sitting on the ploughshare, two dots to left. SNG ANS 1322 ff; Calciati 7.TextImage
RPC 668Augustus AE As of Centoporiae, Sicily. AVGVSTVS, bare head right / SISIENA PR COS within wreath.TextImage
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