Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Eryx

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Campana 13Eryx, Sicily, AR Hemilitron, ca. 440-430 BC; 7 mm, 0.20g. Forepart of hound right in dotted border / Large H with E-R-V-X in the four sections. Campana 13; SNG Cop -; SNG ANS -; Hoover HGC -.TextImage
Hoover 308Eryx, Sicily, AR didrachm. ca. 408 BC; 8.73g. Head of Arethusa or Aphrodite right, hair in a sphendone / IPVKAIIB beneath hound walking right, before three grain ears. Hoover HGC 308.TextImage
Hoover 313Eryx, Sicily, AE Hexas. ca. 480-400 BC; 2.41 g. Female head right, hair arranged on top of head / Hound standing right, head turned back, two dots in fields. Hoover 313; Calciati 10.TextImage
Hoover 315Eryx, Sicily, AE Onkia. ca. 400-340 BC; 14 mm, 3.14g. Youthful male head right / ERYNKINON, Hound standing right, looking left, a dead hare at its feet, two dots in fields. Calciati I, 13; SNG ANS 1328; Hoover HGC 315.TextImage
Hoover 327Eryx, Sicily, AE Onkia. ca. 400-340 BC; 13 mm, 2.29g. Female head left, symbol behind neck / Horse standing left, right foreleg raised. Hoover HGC 327; Calciati p285, 19/10.TextImage
Hoover 328Eryx, Sicily, AE Onkia. ca. 330-260; 14mm, 4.94g. Female head left / Horse trotting right, front foreleg raised. Hoover HGC 328; Calciati 21; SNG ANS 1329.TextImage
Hurter 29AEryx, Sicily, AE Hexas. ca. 480-400 BC; 3.57 g. HEXAS (retrograde), Female head right / Hound walking right, head turned back, two circles, each containing a dot, in fields. Hurter, Segesta 29A (this coin); Hoover 313 var (obv legend).TextImage
Jameson 569Sicily, Eryx. ca 410-400 BC. AR Tetradrachm. Charioteer driving galloping quadriga right, holding kentron in right hand, reins in both; Nike flying above crowning charioteer, grain ear in exergue / EPVKINON right, Aphrodite seated left on diphros, holding dove in right hand, left hand at side; Eros on left standing right, with right arm extended. Text>Image
Jenkins 541Eryx, Sicily, AE Litra. ca. 339-310 BC; 0.65 g. Youthful head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress, astragalos behind head / ΓEΛΩIΩN, bearded and horned head of the river-god Gelas left, wreathed with reeds. Jenkins 541 and 543.TextImage
Lee pl. II, 1Eryx, Sicily, AR Hemilitra, ca 455-450 BC, 0.32 g. Eagle standing left, wings closed / Large H. Ian Lee Eryx, "The Flower of Adonis at Eryx" in NC 159, 1999, plate II, 1.TextImage
SNG ANS 1340Sicily, Eryx. c500-480 BC. AR Litra. ERVKI-NON, eagle standing left on Ionic capital / Crab. SNG Lockett 746; SNG Lloyd 934; Weber 1303. TextImage
SNG ANS 1341Eryx, Sicily, AR Litra, ca. 480-472 BC; 9 mm, 0.40g. ERVKINON, eagle standing left, wings closed, on Ionic capital; dotted border / crab, ΛI below. Campana 3; SNG ANS 1341.TextImage
SNG ANS 1344Eryx, Sicily, AR didrachm, ca. 420-416 BC; 7.80g. Hound walking right, three corn-ears behind, ERYKAZIIB below / Female head right, wearing sphendone. SNG ANS 1344.TextImage
SNG Cop 242Eryx, Sicily, AR hemilitron. ca. 480-400 BC; 0.35 g. Female head left, wearing sphendone / EPYKIN-ON, Hound standing right, ivy leaf above. SNG Cop. 242; Hoover -; SNG ANS -.TextImage
TLA 47401Eryx, AR Hemilitra-Quincunx mule or test die for two different coins. ca. 430 BC. 8.65 mm, 0.46 g. Five dots in incuse circle / EPVK in the four sections of a large H. Obv: Hoover HGC 455 (Himera); Imhoof 10 (Himera) in NZ 1886 / Rev: Hoover HGC 305; Campana 13. Timeline Auctions int. no 47401.TextImage
Sear SG 782Eryx, Sicily, AR Litra. c 400 BC. Aphrodite seated left, dove on extended arm, tree behind / ERY-K-NON, dog standing right, swastika above. SNG Lockett 3500; SNG ANS 1345; SNG Lloyd 244; Weber 1310.TextImage
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