Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Entella

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BMC 1Entella, Sicily. Circa 343/2-339 BC. AE 21mm (10.43 gm). Bearded male head right, wearing Corinthian helmet decorated with a laurel wreath / Pegasos flying right; thunderbolt below, no symbol above. SNG ANS -; BMC Sicily 1. Calciati 3.TextImage
Calciati 1Sicily, Entella. Before 404 BC. AE Trias. Head of Entella left, hair bound in ampyx & sphendone / Diademed & bearded head of river-god Krimisos right. TextImage
Calciati 3Sicily, Entella. Circa 349-343 BC. AE 20mm, Onkia. Helmeted & bearded head right / Pegasos flying right. TextImage
Calciati 3varEntella, Sicily. Campanian mercenaries. Ca 404-342 BC. AE 17mm 4.54 g. Bearded male head right, wearing helmet with [olive-spray] / Pegasos flying right; K above, thunderbolt below. Calciati 3 var. (no K); SNG ANS -.TextImage
Calciati 4
Sear SG 1091
Entella, Sicily. Campanian mercenaries. Ca 404-342 BC. AE Litra 19mm, 10.57 g. ENTEΛΛA, Wreathed head of Persephone right, wearing single-pendant earring and necklace / KAMΠANΩN, Pegasos flying left; Corinthian helmet below. Calciati 4; SNG ANS 1326.TextImage
Calciati 5Sicily, Entella AE Uncia. Circa 343-339 BC. Campanian helmet left, KAMΠANΩN / Horse galloping right, ENTEΛΛA. Virzi 947. TextImage
Calciati 5Entella, Sicily. 4th c. B.C. AE Oncia. 2.278 gr. Helmet left with cheek pieces / Free horse cantering right. TextImage
Calciati 7Entella, Sicily. Campanian Mercenaries. Ca 343-339 BC. AE Litra (18mm, 7.01 g). Male head right wearing wreathed Corinthian helmet / Bridled horse galloping right. Calciati 7; SNG ANS -.TextImage
Calciati 7varEntella, Sicily. Campanian mercenaries. Ca 342-339 BC. AE Trias 6.54 g. Helmeted male head right / Horse prancing right; star or monogram above, thunderbolt below. Garraffo, Storia 5 var. (no control marks on rev.); Calciati 7 var. (same); SNG ANS 1325 corr. (same dies; control marks).TextImage
Calciati 8Sicily, Entella. Circa 349-343 BC. AE 17mm, Onkia. Young helmeted head right / Free horse right. TextImage
Calciati 9SICILY, Entella. Campanian Mercenaries. ca 370-350 BC. AE Litra. KAMΠANΩN, bearded male head left, in wreathed Corinthian helmet / Bridled horse galloping right; Corinthian helmet below. TextImage
Calciati 10Entella, Sicily, before 404 BC. AE 7.44 gr. ENTEΛΛA around Campanian helmet right / Pegasos flying right, delphin below. Calciati 10.TextImage
Calciati 14Entella, Sicily, AE Uncia, 5.45 gr. ca. 343-339 BC, Campanian helmet right / Free horse right. TextImage
Calciati 15corrSicily, Entella AE 20mm. After 263 BC. Draped bust of Helios right / Female seated left, holding cornucopiae. TextImage
Calciati 15varSicily, Entella. After 210 BC. AE 21mm (7.61 gm). Radiate and draped bust of Helios right / ENTEΛINΩN, Turreted female seated right, holding cornucopiae. Calciati 15 var. (female seated left); SNG ANS -; SNG Morcom -; SNG Copenhagen -. Apparently unpublished.TextImage
Calciati 15_cmEntella, Sicily, Mid-late 1st century BC. AE 23mm (8.52 gm). Radiate and draped bust of Helios right; countermark: ENT monogram in incuse circle / Tyche seated left, holding cornucopiae. cf Calciati 15; cf. RPC I 653.TextImage
Calciati 16Sicily, Entella. L. Sempronius Atratinus. 36 BC. AE 22mm, 7.45g. ATΡANITOY, radiate and draped bust of Helios right / ENTEΛΛINΩN, Tyche standing left, holding grain ears in extended right hand, cradling cornucopiae in left arm. RPC I 653; Calciati 16-17; CNS 16/2 (same obv. die); SNG Copenhagen 238.TextImage
Calciati 18Entella, Sicila, Ca 36 BC. AE 19mm 6.12 g. L. Sempronius Atratinus, legate(?). Head of Dionysos right, wearing ivy wreath / Bunch of grapes on vine. RPC 654.5 (this coin); Calciati 18/1 (same rev. die).TextImage
Calciati 19Entella, Sicily, under Roman rule, AE Uncia. 19.39 mm, 5.60 gr. Female head right / ENTEΛNITAN, bunch of grapes. Calciati 19/1; SNG Cop 240.TextImage
Jenkins 132Entella, Sicily. Punic issues. AR tetradrachm, ca 345-338-320-315 BC. 16.68 gr. Head of Tanit-Persephone right, wearing wreath of grain leaves, triple-pendant earring and pearl necklace; around, four dolphins, three swimming right and one swimming downwards to left / Horse prancing right before palm tree. BMFA 492. Jenkins, Punic 132 (O44/R119). SNG Copenhagen 82. SNG Lloyd 1615. SNG Lockett 1038.TextImage
Jenkins 160-164Entella, Siculo-Punic Tetradrachm, 320300 BC. 24.21 mm, 17.28 g. Head of Arethusa left, four dolphins around head, shell beneath chin / Punic 'MMHNT' ("people of the camp") beneath horse's head left, palm tree behind. Jenkins 160-164; Hoover HGC 284 var (no symbol).TextImage
Jenkins 182Siculo Punic. Entella. c. 320-300 BC. Tetradrachm, 16.92g. Head of Tanit left wearing triple-drop earring, four dolphins around / Horse's head left, palm tree behind, Punic 'MMHNT' below. Jenkins 182 (O52/R160).TextImage
Jenkins 264Entella, Sicily. Punic issues. Ca 320/15-300 BC. AR Tetradrachm 22mm, 16.33 g. Wreathed head of Arethusa left; four dolphins around / Head of horse left; palm tree to right, Punic M below. Jenkins, Punic 264 (O81/R212); SNG Lloyd 1641 (same obv. die).TextImage
SNG ANS 1326Entella, Sicila. Campanian Mercenaries. Ca 370-350 BC. AE Litra (19mm, 8.08 g). Wreathed head of Persephone right / Pegasos flying left; helmet below. Calciati 4; SNG ANS 1326.TextImage
SNG ANS 1339Entella, Sicily. Ca 400 BC. AR Litra 11mm, 0.56 g. Nymph standing left, sacrificing from patera over altar, holding key in left arm / ENTEΛ above man-headed bull standing right; AN below, fish right in exergue. SNG ANS 1339; BMC Sicily 1 var. (no letters below).TextImage
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