Ancient Coinage of Enna, Sicily

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Calciati 1Enna, Sicily. ca 344-341 BC. AE Drachm. ΔHMATHΡ, wreathed head of Demeter right / ENNAI in exergue, goat standing right between two grain-stalks, flaming torch behind. SNG Cop 234. TextImage
Calciati 2Enna, Sicily. Circa 357-354 BC. AE 15mm. Head of Demeter right / Lighted torch between two grain-ears. TextImage
Calciati 5Enna, Sicily. After 258 BC. AE 21mm. ENNAIΩN, Triptolemus standing facing, holding sceptre in right hand / Two winged serpents drawing plough right; grain of barley below. SNG ANS 1337; BMC 6. TextImage
Sear SG 777Enna, Sicily, AR litra. mid-5th century BC. Slow quadriga driven right by Demeter holding torch. / HENNAION, Demeter standing facing, head left, holding lighted torch over altar at her feet to left. BMC 1; Hoover HGC 391.TextImage
Sear SG 1088Enna, Sicily. ca 344-341 BC. AE Hemidrachm. ΔHMATHΡ, wreathed head of Demeter right / ENNA, three-quarter facing head of a bull, slightly right; grain ear above. SNG ANS 1335, Calciati 3/11, BMC 2.TextImage
Sear SG 1090Enna, Sicily. L. Munatius L. Cestius, Duoviri. 44-36 BC. AE 27mm. L MVNATIVS right, M CESTIVS left, veiled head of Demeter left, torch before / MVN HENNAE above, Hades in galloping quadriga right with sceptre, clutching Persephone. RPC I 661; Calciati 12; BMC 9; SNG Cop 235. TextImage
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