Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Aetna

Sicily, Aitna or Aetna

Previously called Inessa, it was renamed Aitna after 461 BC by refugees from Katana, which was previously called Aitna.

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BMC 12
Sear SG 765
Aetna, Sicily, AR litra, (0.6 g) ca 465-460 BC. Head of Selenos right, with ass' ear, wreathed with ivy. / AITNAI, Winged thunderbolt. Sear SG 765; BMC 12; SNG Fitz. 948; SNG ANS 1239 var (rev legend).TextImage
Calciati 1
Sear SG 1017
Sicily, Aitna AE24 Hemilitra. 405-401 BC. Head of Athena right in Corinthian helmet, AITNAIΩN before / horse galloping right; M above. SNG ANS 1301, Calciati 1.TextImage
Calciati 1Aitna, Sicily. ca. 405 BC. AE Drachm, 17.58 gr. AITNΩN, Helmeted head of Athena right / Prancing horse with reins trailing, M above. Calciati P. 141, 1.TextImage
Calciati 2SICILY, Aitna Area. Mercenaries from Adranon. c344-336 BC. AE Drachm. AΠOΛΛΩN, laureate head of Apollo left / lyre with seven strings. SNG ANS 1153. TextImage
Calciati 3SICILY, Aitna. c400-350 BC. AE Litra. AITNAIΩN, wreathed head of Persephone right, in triple-pendant earring and necklace / Horse prancing right; M above. SNG ANS 1158; SNGCop 13. TextImage
Calciati 6Sicily, Aitna. Circa 405-401 BC. AE Obol. Head of Persephone right in a wreath of grain / Horse galloping right. SNG ANS 1159. TextImage
Calciati 8
Sear SG 1018
Sicily, Aitna. After 210 BC. AE 19mm Trias. Radiate, draped bust of Apollo right / AITNAIΩN, warrior standing facing, head left, holding spear and shield, three dots to left. Calciati 8, SNG ANS 1160-1161. TextImage
Calciati 8Aitna, Sicily, after 210 BC. AE Trias. 19mm, 5.0 gr. Head of Persephone right / Warrior standing left, holding spear and shield. Calciati 8.TextImage
Calciati 10Aitna, Sicily, after 210 BC. AE14, 3.10 gr. Head of Persephone right / AITNAI, Cornucopiae. Calciati 10.TextImage
Calciati 10
Sear SG 1019
Sicily, Aitna, Under Roman rule, AE Hexas. After 210 BC. Head of Persephone right / AITNAIΩN, filleted cornucopiae, two dots at left. BMC 7, Calciati III 10, SNG ANS 1162ff TextImage
Hill P74Aetna, Sicily, AR tetradrachm. 17.23 gr, 26mm. 476-431 BC. AITNAION, head of the satyr Silenos, bald and bearded, right, with pointed horse’s ear, and wearing a wreath of ivy wreath, beetle below / Zeus Aitnaios seated right on ornamented throne covered with a panther’s skin, himation draped over his left shoulder and arm, holding thunderbolt and a knotted vine staff bent into a crook at the top; to right a pine tree with an eagle perched on top. Hill, Coins of Ancient Sicily, P. 74 and Pl. 4, 13. TextImage
Hoover 67Aetna, Sicily, AE Quadrantes, After 210 BC. Radiate, draped bust of Apollo or Helios right / AITNAIWN. Warrior standing left, head right, holding spear and shield, value mark of three dots down the left field. Hoover HGC 67-69; SNG ANS 1160-1161; CNS 8f–9b; BMC 2-4; Sear Greece 1018 var (warrior looking left).TextImage
SNG ANS 1151cfSICILY, Aitna Area. Mercenaries from Adranon. c344-336 BC. AE Drachm. Laureate head of Apollo left / Lyre with seven strings. TextImage
SNG ANS 1160Sicily, Aitna. AE Trias, After 210 BC. 18 mm, 3.76 gr. Radiate, draped bust of Apollo right / AITNAIΩN. Warrior standing facing, head right, holding spear and shield. Calciati I, pg. 148, 8v. SNG ANS 1160-1161.TextImage
SNG ANS 1234Sicily, Aitna, The Campani, AE Drachm. 340-330 BC. Bull butting left, ‹ above / Sixteen-pointed star. Calciati 1; SNGCop 173. TextImage
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