Ancient Coinage of Adranon, Sicily

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Calciati 1Adranon, Sicily. c344-336 BC. AE Hemilitron(?). Laureate head of Apollo left / Kithara. SNG ANS 1155. TextImage
Calciati 4
Sear SG 1016
Adranon, Sicily. c344-336 BC. AE Hemidrachm. Diademed and horned head of the river-god Adranus left / AΔΡANITAN (retrograde), bull butting right. Calciati III 4; BMC 3; SNG Cop 12.TextImage
Calciati 7Adranon, Sicily. c344-336 BC. AE Hemilitron. Head of Athena left, in Corinthian helmet / A-Δ-Ρ-A-N-I-TAN, octopus. TextImage
Calciati 8Adranon, Sicily. c344-336 BC. AE Hexas. Diademed female head right, in single-pendant earring / AΔΡA, grain of barley within laurel wreath. TextImage
SNGANS 1151Sicily, Adranian Mercenaries. Circa 354-344 BC. AE Drachm. Laureate head of Apollo left / Lyre with seven strings. Calciati 1. TextImage
SNG ANS 1156Adranon, Sicily, AE. 14.74 g. Laureate head of Apollo left / AΔΡAN (ITAN Lyre with seven strings. SNG ANS 1156.TextImage
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