Ancient Coinage of Sicily, Abakainon

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Calciati 1Abakainon, Sicily. c343-336 BC. AE Litra. Head of a nymph right, hair in ampyx & sphendone / ABAKAIN-INΩN, forepart of a man-headed bull right. BMC 9; SNG Cop 7.TextImage
Hoover HGC 17Abakainon, Sicily. AR litra, 12 mm, 0.88 g. ca 420-410 BC. Bare male head right with unkempt beard. / ABA, boar standing right; acorn to right. Hoover HGC 2, 17; Bertino pl. XII, 16.TextImage
Hoover HGC 28Abakainon, Sicily AR Hemilitron, 9mm, 0.23 g. ca 420-400. Head of nymph left, wearing sphendone. / ABA above boar standing right. Hoover HGC 28 (this coin).TextImage
Hoover HGC 31Abakainon, Sicily AE22. 2nd century BC. 7.56 g. Male head right / ABAKAI-NINΩN above and beneath man-headed bull walking right. Hoover HGC 31; Calciati, Corpus Nummorum Siculorum, 6.TextImage
Rizzo 1Abakainon, Sicily. Circa 420-400 BC. AR Litra. ABAK, laureate male head right / AINI, boar standing right. TextImage
Rizzo 2Abakainon, Sicily. c420-400 BC. AR Litra. ABAK, laureate male head right / ABAK AIN, boar standing right; acorn before. SNG ANS 897. TextImage
SNG ANS 1292Abakainon, Sicily AR Hemilitron, 10mm, 0.26 g. ca 430-420. Head of nymph right, wearing sphendone and necklace. / ABA above boar standing right. SNG ANS V 1292; Hoover HGC 26.TextImage
SNG ANS 1292 varAbakainon, Sicily AR Tetartemorion, 0.26 g. ca 430-420. Head of nymph right, hair in a sakkos. / ABA above boar walking right. SNG ANS 1292 var (denomination); Campana 12b var (ditto). NAC 78, 1358.TextImage
SNG Cop 2Abakainon, Sicily. Circa 450-400 BC. AR Litra. Laureate bearded head right / Boar standing right on single exergual line; acorn below neck, ethnic retrograde. SNG ANS 897. TextImage
Sear SG 739Sicily. Abacaenum. c. 460 BC. Litra, 0.65g. (8h). ABAK, Laureate head of Dionysos right. / AINI, Boar standing right. SNG ANS 895-897 corr. ("sow"); SNG Lloyd 776; SNG Oxford 1650; SNG Lockett 685.TextImage
Sear SG 1012Abakainon, Sicily. c343-336 BC. AE Hemilitron. Head of a nymph right, hair in sphendone / ABAKAI-NIN-ΩN, forepart of a butting bull left. SNG ANS 900; Calciati 3; BMC 11. TextImage
Magna Graecia Coins of Abakainon
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