Ancient Coinage of Scythia, Sindi

The Sindi were a Scythian tribe on the east coast of the Black Sea. Their main port, also called Sindi, SE of Pantikapion, later became the city of Gorgippia.

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Anokhin_42Scythia, The Sindi AR Hemidrachm. Circa 425-400 BC. Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin headdress / ΣINΔΩN, horse's head right in incuse square. SNG BM Black Sea 1008. TextImage
Anokhin_59Sarmatia. The Sindoi. Circa 450-400 BC. AR Diobol. Griffin seated right; barley grain to right / SINΔΩN, horse's head right in incuse square. Frolova, Frühe, Type V, 37; MacDonald 83; SNG BM Black Sea 1008cf. TextImage
MacDonald 80vScythia, The Sindi. AR Triobol (2.45 g). Ca.425-400 BC. Gorgippia mint ?. Head of young Herakles right, wearing lionskin, within dotted circle / ΣINΔΩN, horse's head right, star above. cf MacDonald 80 (diobol); SNG Black Sea 1008 (hemidrachm).TextImage
Zograph 33iiThe Sindi, tribe in Scythia, AR diobol, ca. 4th century BC. 1.44 g. Young man, naked, kneeling right, stringing bow and holding belt / ΣINΔΩN, owl standing facing, wings spread. Zograph 33(ii); Sear Greece 3624.TextImage

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