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Nomos 9, 167Lindos, Rhodes, Caria. AR stater. ca. 510-475 BC. 21mm, 13.74 g. Lion's head right with open jaws to right; ornamental band below / Irregular rectangular incuse divided into two equal compartments by a raised band of three lines. Cahn, group E var. (raised band on rev); Hunterian 1 var. and SNG vA 2782 var. (both with single band on rev). Nomos 9, 167.TextFull Size
Rosen 652cf Rhodos, Lindos. Circa 450 BC. AR Cut Stater. Forepart of bridled horse right / Lion's head left within incuse square. Cf. SNG Keckman 358, cf. SNG Cop 721-722. TextFull Size
SNG Hel 352 Lindos, Rhodes, AR Stater. ca 515-475 BC. Lion's head right with gaping jaws / Square incuse divided by horizontal band with two short transverse bands. Warren 1199; Boston 2034; SNG Helsinki 352, BMC 1; Sear SG 3554.TextFull Size
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