Ancient Coinage of Pontos, Nicopolis ad Lycum

Nicopolis ad Lycum (near Piourkh, Purgos). Founded by Pompey, ca. 65 BC. Struck coins only for Trajan and Hadrian.

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RecGen 3Trajan, AE28 of Nikopolis ad Lycum, Pontus. AD 98-117. Dated AD 114-115. 9.91 g. AVT KAIC NEΡ TΡAIANOC CEB ΓEΡM ΔAK TO ZI, laureate head right / NEIKOΠOΛEωC ETOVC MB, Nike walking right, holding wreath and palm branch. SNG von Aulock 147; RecGen 3.TextImage
RecGen 7Trajan. AE. Nicopolis ad Lycum, Pontus. 98-117 AD. AVT KAI NEΡ TΡAIANOC CE ΓEΡ ΔAK, laureate head right / NEIKOΠOΛEΩC ETOYC MB, coiled serpent with head left, on altar. cf Recueil General 7.TextImage
Sear SGI 973Trajan 33 of Nicopolis ad Lycum, Pontos. AVT KAIC NEΡ TΡAIANOC CEB ΓEΡM ΔAK... Laureate head right / ETOYC MB NEIKOΠOΛEΩC, Zeus enthroned left, holding Nike & sceptre.TextImage
Waddington 84Marcus Aurelius, AE23 of Nicopolis ad Lycum, Pontus. AD 161-192. 9.22 g. AYTOKΡ ANTωNEINOC CEB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / NEIKOΠOΛITΩN around, date ET PA below, Zeus seated left, holding Nike and sceptre. SNG von Aulock 6792 (correctly attributed); Waddington 84-85 (ditto); Paris 230-231 corr. (attributed to Nicopolis-Emmaus, Palestine); Imhoof KM 5 corr. (ditto).TextImage

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