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Anokhin 257Polemo I, King of Bosporos, AE18, 14-9 BC. 9.62 g. Lion running right; star above / BAEW, Monogram. MacDonald 230; Anokhin 257; HGC 7, 348.TextFull Size
Anokhin 274Polemo I, King of Bosporos, AE19, 14-9 BC. 6.11 gr. Possible posthumous issue, ca 8 BC-8 AD (?). Head of Zeus-Ammon right / BAEW monogram behind the serpent Uraeus right wearing headdress of Isis. MacDonald 237/1; Anokhin 274.TextFull Size
Anokhin 281Polemon I, King of Pontus. ca 8 gr. Lion crouching right, star above, all within wreath / Wreath on palm branch, BAEW to right, G (mark of value) at lower right. Anokhin 281.TextFull Size
Anokhin 286Polemo I, King of Bosporos, AE19, 4 Units, 14-9 BC. 5.89 g. Posthumous issue, circa 8/7 BC-AD 7/8(?). Laureate head of Apollo right within laurel wreath / BAEW, Tripod with cover; myrtle branch and D (mark of value) to right. MacDonald 247; Anokhin 286.TextFull Size