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Aulock 452Colossae, Phrygia. AE16. AD 117-138. Magistrate Oct. Apollonos. KOLOCCHNWN, laureate, draped bust of Helios left / OKT APOLLWNI, OYA ANE around and beneath river-god reclining left, holding reed, chlamys draped over rock behind him. von Aulock, Phrygien II 452. Aulock_452TextFull Size
Aulock 469Colossae, Phrygia. AD 138-161 AD. KOLOCCHNWN, Head of Dionysos right, wearing wreath of ivy / (from centre right, clockwise) FILOPAPPOC, Stag standing right. von Aulock Phrygien II 469.TextFull Size
Aulock 483Colossae, Phrygia. AE19. AD 117-138. KOLO-CCHNWN, laureate, draped bust of Helios right / CAKERDWC, stag standing right. von Aulock, Phrygien II 483.TextFull Size
Aulock 483 varColossae, Phrygia. AE19. AD 117-138. 4.27g. KOLO-CCHNWN, laureate, draped bust of Helios right / FAKEKLELYC?, stag standing right. von Aulock, Phrygien II 483.TextFull Size
Aulock 487Colossae, Phrygia. Autonomous issue. AE31, Time of Commodus. 181-192 AD. DHMOC KOLOCHNWN, unbearded, diademed and draped bust of Demos right / (from top right) APOLLWNIOC B-ZWCIMOU-DIOKRATO-UC AN-EQHKE-N, Helios standing facing in quadriga, holding torch and globe. Von Aulock, Phrygiens II 487 (same dies); Waddington 5867.TextFull Size
BMC 5Kolossai, Phrygia. 14.47 gr. 177-192 AD. DHMOC KOLOCCHNWN, unbearded, laureate head of Demos right/ Rev: KO-LOC/CH-NWN (in two lines across lower fields), Helios standing facing in quadriga, holding torch and globe. BMC 5; Aulock Phrygien 2 496-505; SNG von Aulock 3765; Hunter 1; Mionnet IV 422.TextFull Size
BMC 11Colossae, Phrygia, AE22, semi-autonomous issue. 4.67 g. AD 200-276. IERA BOYLH, veiled and draped bust of Boule right / KOLOCCHNWN, Tyche standing left, polos on head, holding rudder and cornucopiae. Aulock Phrygien II, 537-540; Waddington 5866; BMC 11.TextFull Size
Lindgren 929Roman Times, 3rd cent. AD, Colossae, Phyrgia, AE20. Serapis bust right / (from top right) KOLOC-CHNWN, Isis standing, holding situla and sistrum. Lindgren & Kovacs 929 (this coin); GIC 5077; ANS 50354.TextFull Size
Mionnet 423varTime of Hadrian (117-138), Colossae, Phrygia, AE29 8.3g. DHMOC KOLOCCHNWN, Demos bust right / IEPA DHMOC ANEQHKEN, Tyche standing left holding rudder and cornucopiae. Not in sources consulted, unpublished? Mionnet IV 423 var (reverse type and legend).TextFull Size
SNGCop 310Phrygia, Colossae. Autonomous issue. Time of Commodus, 181-192 AD. 31mm (18.07 gm). DHMOC KOLOCHNWN, diademed & draped bust of Demos right / APOLLWNIOC B ZWCIMOV DIOKPATOVC ANEQHKEN, Helios standing in facing quadriga, holding torch & globus. Von Aulock, Phrygiens II 487; Waddington 5867. TextFull Size
SNG Munich 308Colossae, Phrygia. AE32. Pseudo-autonomous issue. 177-192 AD. DHMOC KOLOCCHNWN, unbearded, laureate head of Demos right / KOLOCCHNWN, cult image of Artemis Ephesia, stags at sides. Aulock Phrygien 2 507-512; SNG Munich 308.TextFull Size
BMC 13Marcus Aurelius. AE25 of Colossae, Phrygia. AD 138-161. (from top right) M AYRHLIOC BHROC KAICAR, bare head right / CAKERDWC ARXWN KOLOCCHNWN T, Artemis walking right, holding bow. Aulock Phrygien 2 555-562; BMC 13; Imhof KM 3; SNG von Aulock 3768; Waddington 5876.TextFull Size
Aulock 575Commodus, AE34 0f Colossae, Phrygia. 177-192 AD. 21.04 g. AVT KAI L AVRH KOMMODOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / STRATHG TWN PERI ZWSIMON D FILOPATORA KOLOSSHNWN, Artemis standing right, quiver at shoulder, holding branch and antler of stag standing behind her. RPC Online 1881; Von Aulock, Phrygiens II 575.TextFull Size
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