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Hoover 25Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia, AE15, 2nd-1st century. Diademed head left. / ΠT.. TΩN .., deer standing right, suckling Telephos. Kadman -; Hoover HGC 25 (citing Kadman in error).TextFull Size
Houghton 810Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia, AE14 Lepton, 125-121 BC. 2.47 g. Jugate heads of the Dioscuri right with a star above each of their heads / ANTIOXOY TΩN EN ΠTOΛEMAIΔI to right and left of cornucopiae, AΡ monogram in outer left field. Houghton 810; Hendin 414.TextFull Size
Kadman 47Phoenicia, Ptolemais-Ake (Acre) AE17. 27 BC - 1 AD. Jugate, laureate heads of Dioscouroi right, each surmounted by a star / Tyche standing left, holding aphlaston in right hand and cornucopiae in left. Year mark ΦIE in left field. TextFull Size
Kadman 55Ake-Ptolemais, AE19 civic issue, Year 195 or 196 of the Seleukid era = 118-116 BC. 2.39 g. Laureate head of Zeus right. / ANTIOXEΩN TΩN EN ΠTOΛEMAIΔI IEΡAΣ AΣYΛOY, Zeus standing left, holding corn-ear and sceptre. (Date EqP or SqP in the exergue usually off the flan). Kadman 55–58; Tell Iztabba find IAA 178547; Seyrig 7; Rouvier 986; Babelon Perses 1513-1514; Mionnet V, 525.TextFull Size
Kadman 91Ake-Ptolemais, AE14, semi-autonomous issue. 1st c. AD. 2.87 g. Diademed head of Zeus right. / COL PTOL, Club in wreath. Kadman 91; Rosenberger 45; Rouvier 992; Feuardent 7532; RPC I 4751A.TextFull Size
Rosenberger 27Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. AE15, civic issue, 1st. century BC. Laureate head of Zeus right. / ANTIOXΩN TΩN EN ΠTOΛEMAI.., corn-ear. Rosenberger 27, otherwise unpublished.TextFull Size
Rosenberger 39v Phoenicia, Ake Ptolemais. Civic Issue. AE 24mm. Jugate heads of Tyche and Zeus / Tyche standing facing, head left, holding sceptre and corunucopiae with palm branch. TextFull Size
Rosenberger 40 Ake-Ptolemais, Pre-Imperial AE22. Dated 44/43 BC. Laureate bust of Zeus to right, countermark below ear / Turreted Tyche to left, holding aphlaston and rudder, cornucopiae and palm branch. TextFull Size
Rouvier 962Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia as Antioch Ptolemaides, AE16 Dilepton, 2.89 g. Undated. Time of Antiochos IV-VIII, 185-123 BC. Jugate, laureate busts of the Dioskuri right, star above each head / ANTIOXEΩN TΩN EN ΠTOΛEMAIΔI, Cornucopiae, E in outer left field. Rouvier 962.TextFull Size
Rouvier 971 Phoenicia, Ptolemais-Ake AE15. 111-110 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right / ANTIOXEΩN EN ΠTOΛEMAI, to left and right of lyre. Rouvier 971. TextFull Size
Seyrig 8Ake-Ptolemais, AE13, 1.64 g, 1st c. BC. Jugate heads of the Dioskuri right. / ANTIOXEΩN TΩN EN ΠTOΛEMAIΔI IEΡAΣ AΣYΛOY downwards to right and left of cornucopiae. THE monogram in left field. Seyrig 8; Rouvier 963-966; probably also Babelon Perses.., 1507.TextFull Size
RPC 4749Nero AE 24mm of Phoenicia, Ake-Ptolemais. Laureate head left / DIVOS CLAVDIVS STAB GER FELIX, foundation scene, togate founder or priest ploughing right with two oxen, C O L CA A PTOL between four vexilla behind. Rosenberger 46; Rouvier 997. TextImage
BMC 19Trajan AE24 of Ake-Ptolemais. IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPT AVG, laureate head right / COL PTOL, Tyche seated right on rock, river-god swimming below. BMC 19; Rouvier 998; Mionnet V, 11.TextImage
Rosenberg 47Trajan AE24 of Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPT AVG, laureate head right / COL PTOL, Tyche seated right on rock, holding corn-ears, river-god swimming below. Rosenberg 47.TextFull Size
Hendin 819Hadrian AE22 of Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. IMP TRA HADRIANO CAESARI, laureate draped bust right / DIVO CLAVD COL, founder ploughing right with two oxen, military standards behind, PTOL between legs. Rosenberger 48; Rouvier 1000; Mionnet V, 13; Babelon Persés 1530. TextImage
Rosenberger 51Commodus AE24 of Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. IMP C M AY COMMODVS or similar, laureate and draped bust left / COL PTOL, Tyche seated right on rocks, holding grain ears; river-god swimming right below. Kadman 114; Rosenberger 51; Rouvier 1002.TextFull Size
Kadman 123Septimius Severus AE23 of Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. AD 193-211. 11.26 g. IMP SEPT SEV PERT AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, rectangular countermark on neck. / COL PTOL, radiate, bearded, draped bust of male deity right, his head surmounted by four twisted, upright braids, sceptre before chin. Kadman 123; Babelon Perses 1535; Rouvier 1007; Mionnet V, 17; De Saulcy, 4.TextFull Size
Prieur 1222Phoenicia, Ake-Ptolemais. Caracalla AR Tetradrachm. Struck 215-217 AD. Laureate head right / ΔHMAΡ EΞ YΠATOC TO Δ, eagle standing facing, head left, wreath in beak; caps of the Dioscuri below. TextImage
Prieur 1223Phoenicia, Ake-Ptolemais. Caracalla AR Tetradrachm. Struck 215-217 AD. Laureate head right / ΔHMAΡ EΞ YΠATOC TO Δ, eagle standing facing, head right, wreath in beak; caps of the Dioscuri below. TextImage
Prieur 1226Caracalla, AR tetradrachm of Ake-Ptolemais, Palestine. 26 mm, 12.98 g. AD 198-217. AYT K MA ANTΩNEINOC CEB, laureate head right. / ΔHMAΡX EΞ YΠATOC Δ, eagle standing left, head and tail right, caps of the Dioskuri between legs. Prieur 1226.TextFull Size
Sofaer 182Geta, AE19 of Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. AD 198-209. 6.06 g. L S GET C AVG PII F, bareheaded and draped bust right. / C-O-L PTOL across field and below, founder ploughing right with two oxen. Four vexilla in the background. Sofaer 182 corr. (obv. legend); Babelon Perses 1544 var (obv. legend).TextFull Size
Sofaer 188Macrinus, AE24 of Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. AD 217-218. 12.29 g. IMP C M OP S MACREINVS, Laureate head right. / COLO PTOL, Perseus, naked, standing front, head left, holding head of Medusa and harpa. Sofaer 188; Rouvier 1026 var. (bust type and rev legend).TextFull Size
Kadman 171 varElagabalus or Caracalla, Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia, Ae 27 (10.4g). IMP C M AVR ANTONINVS or similar, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right / COL-PTO, Hexastyle temple with arched pediment; Tyche standing left within, holding rudder and cornucopiae, being crowned by Victory standing left on a column behind her. cf Paris 1965.745 (lighter module); SGI 3114 (bust type); Kadman 171 var (ditto); Rouvier 1036 var (ditto); Mionnet V, 30 var (ditto).TextFull Size
LHS 100, 533Aquilia Severa, AE of Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. AD 220-221. 10.41 g. IVL AQVILIA SEVERA AV, draped bust right / COL PTO, complex portable shrine consisting of a tetrastyle temple over a hexastyle structure with statue of Tyche standing left in the centre, crowned by Nike on a column behind her; statue of Perseus holding the head of Medusa to left and statue of Athena to right. Below is a hexastyle portico with Zeus in its central arch and other statues to left and right. The portico rests on a series of semi-circular arches. Probably unique. LHS Numismatik 100, lot 533.TextFull Size
BMC 44Severus Alexander AE 22mm of Phoenicia, Ake-Ptolemais. IMP CAE MAR SEV ALEXANDER, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / COLO PTOLE, emperor on horseback prancing left, caduceus in left field. Rouvier 1044 var (bust type); Mionnet V, 33 var (ditto).TextImage
Kadman 214Otacilia Severa, AE28 of Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. AD 244-249. 17.70 g. M OTAC SEVERA AVG, draped bust right, wearing stephane. / CO PTOL, the Acropolis of Ake-Ptolemais surmounted by walls, gate and tower, altar below between winged thunderbolt and caduceus. Kadman 214; Sofaer 273.TextFull Size
Kadman 220Philip I or II AE 29 mm of Ake-Ptolemais. IMP M IVL PHILIPPVS PF AVG (Philip I) or M IVL PHILIPPVS NOB CAES (Philip II), laureate head right / COL PTOL, Portable shrine with Tyche standing left, crowned by Nike standing left on a column behind her. Rouvier 1049 (Philip I) var (rev. has additional two Eros).TextImage
Sofaer 268Philip II, AE30 of Ake-Ptolemais, Phoenicia. AD 244-247. 16.27 g. IVL PHILIPPVS NOB CAES, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. / COL PTOL, distyle shrine with Aphrodite standing front within in bashful pose, Eros on dolphin right at foot left, caduceus at foot right. Sofaer 268; Kadman 205 corr. (description).TextFull Size
Kadman 246Valerian I AE30 of Ptolemais-Ake in Phoenicia. 253-260 AD. IMP CAES P LIC VALERIANVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / COL-PTOL, sacred, leafless tree between two altars from which serpents arise; winged caduceus in right field. Rouvier 1063 var (bust type).TextImage
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