Ancient Coinage of Peloponnesos, Achaia, Helike

Helike was destroyed by an earthquake in 373 BC and during the time of the traveller Pausanias, was under the waves of the sea. As the sea receded, the ruins of Helike became dry land near the Peloponnese coast where they were discovered in 2000.

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Traite 831Helike, Achaia, Peloponnesos, AE 23 Dichalkon, 2.98 g, early 4th century, before 373 BC. EΛIK, Diademed head of Poseidon Helikonios right, within circular border of waves breaking / Trident between two dolphins swimming upwards; all within laurel wreath with ties at the bottom. Lambros p. 16 and pl. 1, 15. Traité 831.TextImage
The Helike Archaeological Project
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