Ancient Coinage of Amastris, Paphlagonia

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BMC 7Amastris, Paphlagonia, AE28. 85-65 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right. / AMAΣ-TΡEΩΣ, Perseus standing front, holding harpa and head of Medusa, with her body at his feet. ΣATA monogram in left field, AMTE monogram in right field. BMC 7-8; RecGen 15.3; SNG Stancomb 735; BMC Black Sea 1313.TextImage
BMC 15Amastris, Paphlagonia, AE20. OMHΡOC, bust of Homer right, wearing taenia / AMACTΡIANΩN MEΛHC above and beneath river-god Meles, reclining left, himation over lower limbs, holding lyre and reed and resting left arm on overturned urn or rock. BMC 15.TextImage
BMC 17Amastris, Paphlagonia, AE21. Semi-autonomous issue. AD 146-180. 6.63 g. OMHΡOC, bearded and draped bust of Homer right, hair bound in a taenia. / AMACTΡIC, turreted and veiled head of Tyche right. BMC 17; RecGen 41; Hunter 6; SNG Righetti 602; Kapossy GM 23; SNG Lewis 1288.TextImage
Noury Bey 715Amastris, Paphlagonia, AE26, semi-autonomous issue, AD 138-161. 12.3 g. OMHΡOC, head of Homer right, hair bound in a taenia. / AMACTΡIANΩN ΠAΡΘENIOC, river-god Parthenios reclining left, leaning on altar, holding prow and reed. Noury Bey 715; Niggeler I 587.TextImage
Reich 48870Amastris, Paphlagonia, 2nd century AD. OMHΡOC; head of Homer right, wearing taenia / AMACTΡIANΩN; emperor standing left, holding patera over altar in right, long sceptre in left hand. SNG von Aulock cf. 6806 (same obverse die), unpublished. A. Reich Collection 48870.TextImage
SNG BMC 1302Amastris, Paphlagonia. Mid 3rd Century BC. AR Didrachm. Young head right, in laureate leather cap decorated with star / Aphrodite seated left in kalathos, with sceptre and Nike who crowns her; rose bud left. BMC Black Sea 1302; Dewing 2123-2124. TextImage
SNG BMC 1302 (2)Amastris, Paphlagonia AR Didrachm. Circa 285 BC. Head of Amastris right, in mitra with wreath and star / AMAΣTΡIEΩN, Aphrodite seated left, in polos and holding Nike in right hand, sceptre in left; to left, myrtle bud. RecGen 5, SNG von Aulock 152, Dewing 2123/2124. TextImage
SNG BMC 1312Amastris, Paphlagonia, AE28. 85-65 BC. Helmeted head of Athena right. / AMAΣ-TΡEΩΣ, Perseus standing front, holding harpa and head of Medusa, with her body at his feet. No monograms. RecGen 15.1; BMC Black Sea 1312; SNG Stancomb 734.TextImage
SNG Cop 246Amastris, Paphlagonia, AE21. 120-63 BC. Aegis with Gorgoneion in the centre / Nike walking right, holding palm branch. TextImage
SNG France 7, 44Amastris, Paphlagonia. AE20. Dated Year 1 of the Lucullan era. 70-69 BC. 20.22 mm, 7.23 g. Turreted head of Tyche right / A (AM)AΣ-TΡEΩΣ, legend in three lines within laurel wreath. Hoover HGC 363; cf SNG France 7, 44; RecGen 24; Weber 4799; RPC I 2106 (All with year B above).TextImage
SNG vA 158Amastris, Paphlagonia. 120-63 BC, AE 19mm. Bearded head of Zeus right / AMAΣTΡ, beneath eagle standing facing on thunderbolt, head right; monogram left, star right. BMC 5; Waddington 14; SNG von Aulock 158.TextImage
Waddell 1, 77Amastris, Paphlagonia, AE26, semi-autonomous issue, AD 193 and 217. OMHΡOC, diademed, draped and bearded bust of Homer right. / AMACTΡIANΩN, Athena seated left, holding spear, right hand raised to her face, shield behind her. Unpublished obv/rev combination. Waddell 1, 77. RecGen 136 var (this reverse with Julia Domna on obverse; BMC 33 var (ditto).TextImage
RPC 713Domitian, AE22 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AYT ΔOMITIANOΣ KAIΣAΡ ΣEB ΓE, radiate head right / ΔIONYΣOΣ AMAΣTΡIANΩN, Dionysos, loins draped (long), standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos. SNG France VII, 63; RPC 713; BMC 4; Paris 1972.927; Correction of RecGen 24 and Bernhart 445 (rev. legend and attributed to Tium, Bithynia due to misreading of rev legend).TextImage
Wildwinds 38532Domitia, AE26 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. 81-96 AD. ΔOMITIA ΘEA ΣEBAΣTH, draped bust right / HΡA..AMA-ΣTΡIANΩN, Hera standing left, holding sceptre. Not in RPC for any city with this obv. legend. Wildwinds 38532TextImage
Mionnet 28Antoninus Pius, AE27 pf Amastris, Paphlagonia. 138-161 AD. AYT KAICAΡ ANTΩNEINOC, bare head right, slight drapery on left shoulder / AMACTΡIANΩN, Herakles Farnese standing right, right hand behind back, resting on club set on rock or cippus. Mionnet Suppl. IV, 28; SNG France 7, 73; cf. RecGen 69.TextImage
RecGen 65Antoninus Pius, AE23 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AYT KAICAΡ AΔΡ ANTNΩEINOC, laureate head right / AMACTΡIANΩN, Hermes standing facing, head right, holding purse and caduceus. RecGen 65.TextImage
RecGen 80Marcus Aurelius, AE of Amastris, Paphlagonia. KAICAΡ OVHΡOC, bare head right / AMACTΡIANΩN, Hygieia standing left, holding patera, feeding serpent in arms. RecGen 80; SNG France 7, 87; Paris 551; BMC 22-23.TextImage
RecGen 82Marcus Aurelius AE18 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AD 138-161. 4.01 g. OYHΡOC KAICAΡ, bare head right. / AMACTΡIANΩN, Harpocrates, naked, standing left, wearing tall headdress, holding cornucopiae and raising fingers to lips. RecGen 82; SNG Cop 254; RPC IV 5396; Florence 34929.TextImage
RecGen 83Marcus Aurelius, AE19 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AD 144-161. 3.97 g. OYHΡOC KAICAΡ, bare-headed, draped bust right. / AMACTΡIANΩN, humped bull standing right. RecGen (1925) 83; Weber 4802; Paris 553; SNG von Aulock 162 and 6811.TextImage
SNG Stockholm 1895 varMarcus Aurelius, AE23 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. 6 g. AD 161-180. M AYΡH ANTΩNEINOC, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right / AMACTΡIANΩN, Hermes, naked walking left, holding caduceus in raised right hand and discus in lowered left. SNG Stockholm 1895 var (obv. legend and bust type); not in RecGen (or Babelon's additions), Paris, SNG France V, RPC online etc.TextImage
Lindgren 82Faustina II AE23 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AD 146-180. ΦAVCTEINA CEBACTH, Draped bust right / AMACTΡIANΩN, Winged Nemesis standing left, holding bridle and horizontal wand. Lindgren 82 otherwise unpublished.TextImage
Kurth Dionysos 1566aSeptimius Severus, AE of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AY KAI CEΠ CEYHΡOC Π, laureate head right. / AMACTΡIANΩN, On the left, Dionysos, naked, standing right, holding vine-shaped sceptre, a nymph walking right before him, her left hand pulling at the veil of a veiled sleeping Ariadne lying left on the ground before them; vine branch with a bunch of grapes in right field. Kurth Dionysos 1566a. SGR collection.TextImage
Wildwinds 38534Septimius Severus AE28 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AD 193-211. 12.20 g. AY K Λ CEΠ CEYHΡOC Π, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. / AMACTΡIANΩN, Eirene standing right, holding the infant Pluto in her left arm, sceptre in right hand. RecGen 154 var (this reverse for Caracalla). CNG 53, 1070; Wildwinds 38534. Unpublished.TextImage
Baker 8955Caracalla, AE23 of Amastris, Paphlagonia, 6 g. M AYΡH ANTΩNEINOC, bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust right / AMACTΡIANΩN, Hermes, naked, walking left, holding caduceus in raised right hand and discus in lowered left. RecGen and additions -; SNG France VII -; Arslan 1992 -; Isegrim -. John Baker coll. 8955.TextImage
RecGen 151aGeta AE18 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AD 205-211. Π CEΠ ΓETAC K, bare-headed and draped bust right / AMACTΡIANΩN, Bull standing right. RecGen 151a.TextImage
RecGen 152Geta AE21 of Amastris in Paphlagonia. AD 209-212. AYT K Π CE ΓETAC AYΓ, Laureate bust right / AMACTΡIANΩN, Pallas Athena, helmeted standing right, wearing chiton and peplos, holding spear and owl. RecGen 152.TextImage
Roma XX, 383Geta AE27 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AD 209-211. 10.74 g. AYT K Π CEΠ ΓETAC AYΓ, laureate head left. / AMACTΡIANΩN, Atargatis-Cybele, turreted and draped, holding sceptre in outstretched right hand, left hand on hip, riding on the back of a lion walking left. Urn with vine tendrils below. Unpublished. Roma XX, 383.TextImage
RecGen 158Julia Maesa, AE32 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AD 218-223. IOYΛIAN MAICAN CEBAC, draped bust right, one hand holding poppy before her. / AMACTΡIANΩN, quadriga of horses left, driven by Sev. Alexander, holding sceptre. RecGen 158; Prowe (1913), 11 (this coin).TextImage
RecGen 32Amastris, Paphlagonia, AE21. 4.06g. OMHΡOC, bearded, draped bust of Homer right, wearing taenia, countermark of Gordian III (Howgego 43) / AMAΣTΡIANΩN, Zeus Sarapis seated left, holding sceptre, Cerberus at foot. RecGen 32; Lindgren 79.TextImage
RN 8767Gordian III, AE27 of Amastris, Paphlagonia. ..YT ΓOΡΔIANOC AYΓ, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / AMACTΡIANΩN, Isis Pharia sailing right, head facing, holding a billowing sail. Not in SNG Cop, BMC, Mionnet, Isegrim, Lindgren.TextImage
Rec Gen 174Tranquillina, AE 30mm (8 assarion) of Amastris, Paphlagonia. AD 241-244. CABEINIA TΡANKYΛΛEINA, Draped bust right / AMACTΡIANΩN, Zeus and Hera standing facing each other, value letter H in lower centre. Rec Gen 174; BMC 35.TextImage
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