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Arminius, FAC 618208Very possibly Attaleia, Pamphylia, AE10, 1st c. BC. 1.06 g. Owl standing half-left, head facing, wings spread / AT..., dolphin. Apparently unpublished obv/rev pairing. Not in Baydur, Isegrim, Mionnet, SNG von Aulock, France III (cf SNG France III, 222 below, for owl image), SNG Cop, Leipzig, Munich, Turkey etc. Arminius, Forum Ancient Coins, message 618208.TextFull Size
Baydur 62Attaleia, Pamphylia, AE civic issue. 4.71 g. ca 100-1 BC. Diademed head of Poseidon right / ATTAΛEΩN, Dionysos, loins draped, standing left, looking right, holding bunch of grapes and thyrsos, kantharos at foot left. Baydur 62; Paris 166; SNG France III, 225.TextFull Size
Baydur 110Attaleia, Pamphylia, AE, 2.97 g. 1st c. BC. Head of Poseidon right, hair bound in a taenia / ATTA-ΛEΩN, Nike walking left, holding wreath and palm branch. SNG France 3, 230; Baydur 100ff.TextFull Size
BSA 7Attaleia, Pamphylia, AE. 2nd century BC. Helmeted head of Athena right / ATTAΛEΩN to right of Zeus seated left. BSA 16 (British School of Athens, 1909-10), p. 131, 7.TextFull Size
CNG 862368Attalea, Pamphylia. Autonomous issue. AE 15. 200-0 BC. 3.35 gr. Diademed head of Poseidon left / ATTAΛEΩN, Nike advancing left, holding wreath. Unpublished. CNG 862368.TextFull Size
SNG France 3, 222Attaleia, Pamphylia, AE, 1,52 g. 2nd-1st c. BC. Owl standing half-left, head facing, wings spread / ATTAΛEΩN, rudder. SNG France 3, 222; Paris 1971.376.TextFull Size
SNGvA 4615Attaleia, Pamphylia, 15mm, 2.26g. Draped bust of Poseidon left, holding dolphin-entwined trident / ATTAΛEΩN, Nike advancing right, holding wreath and palm branch. SNG von Aulock 4615.TextFull Size
RPC 3366Claudius, AE19 of Attaleia, Pamphylia. 41.54 AD. 4.44 gr. Bare head of Claudius left / ATTAΛEΩN, helmeted head of Athena right wearing crested Corinthian helmet. RPC I 3366; BMC 13; Baydur 157; Istanbul 7726.TextFull Size
RPC 1507Domitian, AE of Attaleia, Pamphylia. 81-96 AD. 5.65 g. Laureate head right / from lower right, ATTAΛEΩN, helmeted bust of Athena right, with aegis. RPC 1507; SNG Cop. 284; Baydur 181.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 286Hadrian AE of Attaleia, Pamphylia. 117-138 AD. 5.05 g. AΔΡIANOC KAICAΡ, laureate, cuirassed bust right / ATTAΛEΩN, helmeted bust of Athena right, wearing aegis. Baydur 192; SNG Cop 286.TextFull Size
Baydur 242Marcus Aurelius AE34 of Attaleia, Pamphylia. KAICAΡ AYΡHΛIOC, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ATTAΛEΩN, Dionysos, holding thrysos, riding right in cart drawn by two panthers, satyr crouching behind, Marsyus, playing double flute, leading the procession. TextFull Size
Baydur 265Commodus, AE24 of Attaleia, Pamphylia. (retrograde from lower right) AYTO KAICAΡ KOMMOΔOC, youthful, laureate, draped bust left / ATTAΛEΩN (N retrograde), tetrastyle temple with Athena standing left within, holding Nike and spear, owl at foot left, shield behind her. Baydur 265; Istanbul 7734.TextFull Size
BMC 21 Commodus AE17 of Attaleia, Pamphylia. AVT K .. CA - KOMMOΔO, laureate head right / ATTAΛEΩN, draped bust of Serapis left, wearing modius. Baydur 257-263, BMC 21. TextFull Size
SNG France 267Septimius Severus, AE of Attaleia, Pamphylia. AD 193-211. AY K Λ CEΠ CEOYHΡOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / ATTAΛEΩN, Dionysos, wearing short chiton, standing left, holding kantharos and thyrsos, panther at foot left. SNG France III, 267; Paris 200.TextFull Size
Vossen 10492Septimius Severus, AE17 of Attaleia, Pamphylia. 2.67 gr. 193-211 AD. AYT K CEΠ CEYHΡOC, laureate head right / ATTAΛEΩN, Herakles standing right, looking left, holding lionskin over left arm and resting on club. Apparently unpublished. Vossen 10492.TextFull Size
Baydur 299 varCaracalla AE20 of Attaleia, Pamphylia. AV K M AVΡ ANTΩNINO, laureate head right / ATTAΛEΩN, bust of Athena left wearing crested Corinthian helmet. Baydur 299 var (this reverse for Geta).TextImage
Baydur 311Tranquillina, AE27 of Attaleia, Pamphylia. AD 243-244. Φ CA TΡANKYΛΛEINA, draped bust right, wearing stephane, on crescent / ATTAΛEΩN, Athena standing left, holding spear, shield at her side. Baydur 311; Paris 208; Waddington 3285; SNG France III, 276.TextFull Size
Baydur 321Hostilian, AE of Attaleia, Pamphylia. 250 AD. ΓOYOC M KYINTOC KAI, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / ATTAΛEΩN, Athena standing left, holding Nike, spear and shield. Baydur 321; SNG Cop. 292; Mionnet VII,56; SNG France 3, 280.TextFull Size
Baydur 332Trebonianus Gallus, AE of Attaleia, Pamphylia. 251-253 AD. 6.12 g. AV K E Γ OVIB TΡEBΩ ΓAΛΛON, laureate, draped, cuirassed bust right / ATTAΛEΩN, Nemesis standing left, holding bridle and cubit rule, griffin and wheel at foot. Baydur 332; SNG von Aulock 4629.TextFull Size
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