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RPC 4852Claudius AE 20mm of Tiberias in Palestine. Dated RY 13 = 53-54 AD. Palm branch; date across field / TIBE-ΡIAC in two lines within wreath. SNG ANS 1098. TextImage
Hendin_912Trajan AE 28mm of Tiberias, Palestine. Dated CY 81 = 99/100 CE. AYTOKΡ KAIC NEΡ TΡAINOC (...), laureate bust right, in aegis / TIBEΡIEΩ-N T KΛAYΔIOC, Tyche of Tiberias standing on prow left, holding rudder & cornucopiae; date ET-AP across field. SNG ANS 1099. TextImage
Hendin 913Trajan AE19 of Tiberias, Palestine. AVT KA NE TΡAIANOC ΓEΡ, laureate head right / TIBEΡIEΩN T KΛAYΔIOC, two crossed cornucopiae with palm between, date in ex. Rosenberger 9. TextImage
SNG ANS 1116Hadrian AE 14mm of Tiberias, Palestine. Dated year 101 = 119-120 AD. AV TΡA AΔΡIANOC KAIC CEB, Laureate head right / TIBEΡ KΛAY, galley sailing left, LAP (date) in ex. Rosenberger 15. TextImage
SNG ANS 1114Hadrian AE21 of Tiberias, Palestine. Year 101 = 119/20 AD. AVT TΡA AΔΡIANΩ KAIC CEB, laureate head right / TIBEΡ KΛAVΔ, Tyche standing left, right foot on prow, holding bust in right hand, standard in left; date (L-AP) across field. Rosenberger 13, BMC 31. TextImage
Hendin 914Hadrian AE23 of Tiberias in Palestine. Dated year 101 = 119-120 AD. AVT TΡA AΔΡAINΩ KAIC CEB, laureate bust right / TIBEΡ KΛAYΔ, Zeus seated left holding sceptre, all within tetrastyle temple, date ET AP in ex. Rosenberger 12, SNGANS 1110. TextImage
Rosenberger 17Elagabalus AE25 of Tiberias. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. / Bearded figure standing right, inside distyle temple, holding bust and spear. Rosenberger 17. TextImage
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