Ancient Coinage of Palestine, Diospolis

Modern day Lod. Lydda was occupied by Vespasian in 68 AD. Septimius Severus established the Roman city of Colonia Lucia Septimia Severa Diospolis in 200 AD.

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Farhi 15a Elagabalus AE18 of Diospolis-Lydda, Palestine. AYT ANTWN, radiate head right / ΔIOCΠOΛIC, Tyche in tetrastyle temple, figure of Nike on each side between the columns. Farhi 15a; Meshorer Diospolis 17.TextImage
Rosenberg 14Elagabalus, Diospolis-Lydda, Palestine. AE 14x19mm. Laureate bust right / ΔIOCΠOΛIC, Tyche or Astarte standing left in tetrastyle temple, foot on globe. Rosenberger 14.TextImage