Ancient Coinage of Mauretania, Semes

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SNG Cop 539Semes, Mauretania, Bocchus I, Semes mint. AE20. 111-80 BC. 4.73 g. Bearded head right, neo-punic legend BQS HMMLKT around. / Six-rayed star between a corn-ear on the left and a bunch of grapes on the right. Neo-punic legend below. SNG Cop. 539; Mazard CN 64, 115; Alexandropoulos 45; Righetti Coll. Sale 426; Mueller 12-13.TextImage
Sear 6651Semes, Mauretania, AE19. 1st century BC. Bearded head of Baal or Sun-God facing / Star between a bunch of grapes on the left and a corn-ear on the right. City name mqm m above and below. TextImage
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