Ancient Coinage of Mauretania, Kings, Syphax

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Mueller III, 2Kingdom of Mauretania, AE25, Syphax, 213-203 BC, 7.38 g. Diademed and bearded head of Syphax left. / Horseman, holding spear, on horseback galloping left. Dot beneath the horse. Punic legend "sphq hammlkt" in cartouche below. Mueller III, 2; SNG Cop 491-492; CNNM 10; Type Sear 6632.TextImage
SNG Cop 492Syphax, King of Mauretania, Ca 213-202 BC. AE26mm (10.04 g). Diademed and bearded head left / Horseman galloping left; dot and Punic legend "sphq hmmlkt" in cartouche below. Mazard 10; SNG Copenhagen 492.TextImage
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