Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Skione

Skione or Scione, in Macedonia

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AMNG 7cfMacedonia, Skione AE17. 4th century BC. Male head left / Corinthian helmet left. TextImage
Dewing 1076Macedona, Skione AR Tetradrachm. Circa 480-470 BC. Head of Protesilaos right, wearing Attic helmet; crest inscribed ΠΡOTEΣΛAΣ (retrograde) / Σ-K-I-O in corners, stern of galley left within incuse square. Boston MFA Supplement 44, Kraay, ACGC, 470. TextImage
Lindgren II 1133Macedonia, Skione, AE. 2.04 gr. Head of Aphrodite left, hair in a sphendone / ΣKIΩ, dove standing right. Lindgren II, 53, 1133.TextImage
McClean 3173Skione, Macedonia, AR tetrobol, ca. 430 BC. 1.84 g. Youthful male head right, wearing narrow diadem / ΣKIΩ below, NAIΩN upwards to right, Corinthian helmet right. McClean 3173 (same dies).TextImage
Moushmov 6514Macedon, Skione. c480-450 BC. AR Tetrobol. Youthful male head right / Σ-K-I around human eye within incuse square. SNG ANS 708v. TextImage
Moushmov 6515Skione, Macedonia, AR Hemiobol. c 470 BC. Male head right / human eye. SNG ANS 710. TextImage
Moushmov 6517Macedon, Skione. Circa 450 BC. AR Hemiobol (0.36 gm). Diademed male head right / Corinthian style helmet right. SNG Ashmolean 2376, SNG ANS 715. TextImage
SNG ANS 708MACEDON, Skione. Circa 480-450 BC. AR Tetrobol, 12mm, 2.33 g. Male head right / human eye within incuse square. SNG ANS 708-9 var. (legend).TextImage
SNG ANS 709Macedonia, Skione. Circa 480-450 BC. AR Tetrobol, 2.50 g. Head of Protesilaos right / ΣKIO, human eye within incuse square. SNG ANS 709. TextImage
SNG ANS 710Macedonia, Skione, AR Hemiobol. 480-450 BC. 0,32g. Male head right / Human eye in incuse square. SNG ANS 710.TextImage
SNGANS 713Macedonia, Skione. Circa 424 BC. AR Tetrobol (13mm, 1.90 g, 6h). Male head right / Corinthian helmet right. SNG ANS 713. TextImage
SNG Churchill 124Macedonia, Skione, AR Tetradrachm, 480/450 BC. 16.70 g. Head of Protesilaos right / ΣKIO, ship's stern with aphlaston and torch, all within incuse square. SNG Spencer-Churchill 124.TextImage
SNGCop 321Macedonia, Skione AE17mm. Ca 400-350 BC. Male head right, wearing taenia / ΣKA, Macedonian helmet right. SNG ANS 716 var. TextImage
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