Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Orthagoreia

Orthagoreia or Orthagoria, on the bay of Strumon, in Macedonia

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BMC 6Orthagoreia. c350 BC. Orthagoreia, Macedonia, AE14. Laureate head of Apollo right / OΡΘAΓ-OΡEIΩN, Macedonian helmet surmounted by star. Sear SG 1437, BMC 6-8. TextImage
SNG ANS 562Orthagoreia. c350 BC. AR Stater. Head of Artemis right, quiver over shoulder / OΡΘAΓOΡEΩN, crested Macedonian helmet with cheek flaps surmounted by star; HG monogram below. TextImage
SNG ANS 563Macedonia Orthagoreia AR Quarter Stater. ca 350 BC. Draped bust of Artemis inclined slightly to left, in triple-pendant earrings, bow in case over shoulder / OΡΘAΓO-ΡEΩN, facing Macedonian helmet with cheek guards, surmounted by spike on which star, ornamented with thunderbolt above visor & plume holder on each side. SNG ANS 563-565, SNG Oxford 2356. TextImage
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