Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Kings, Interregnum

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Lindgren_1296Macedonian Kingdom Interregnum, 288-277 BC, AE16. Macedonian shield with small head facing in center / Double crested Macedonian helmet with ear of corn in left lower field. TextImage
Sear #6780Macedonian Kingdom, Anonymous AE19. Interregnum of 288-277 BC. Head of Herakles right wearing lionskin headdress / BAΣIΛEΩΣ between bow and club, race torch below. SNG Cop 1113.
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Sear #6781Macedonian Kingdom, Interregnum (following overthrow of Demetrios Poliorketes) AE16. 288-277 BC. Macedonian sheild with gorgon's head at center / B-A to left and right of Macedonian helmet, caduceus at lower left.
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Sear #6782Macedonian Kingdom, Interregnum, AE16. 288-277 BC, following overthrow of Demetrios Poliorketes. Macedonian sheild with thunderbolt at center / B-A to left and right of Macedonian helmet.TextImage
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