Ancient Coinage of Macedonia, Kings, Autonomous

Kingdom of Macedonia, Autonomous Issues without King's Name, ca 185-146 BC

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Moushmov 5817Macedonia, Autonomous AR Tetrobol. ca 185-168 BC. MA-KE above & below club, in center of Macedonian shield / Macedonian helmet, WI monogram to left, thunderbolt to right. AMNG 3. TextImage
Moushmov 5820Macedonia, Autonomous AR Tetrobol. ca 185-168 BC. Wreathed head of maenad right / MAKE / DONWN, prow of galley right. TextImage
Moushmov 5825Macedonian Kingdom, Autonomous Issue without king's name, AE18. ca 185 BC. Macedonian sheild with central star formed of four crescents / MA-KE, Macedonian helmet with cheek guard, TB monogram below left. TextImage
Moushmov 5827Macedonia, Autonomous AE21. ca 185-168 BC. Diademed head of Zeus right / MAKE-DONWN, club, HP monogram above, all within oak wreath. SNG Cop 1296. TextImage
Moushmov 5832 Macedonian Kingdom, Anonymous AE19. Issued under Perseus, 179-168 BC. Head of Pan (or river god Strumon?), horn at forehead / MAKE-DONWN, decorated trident, monograms at base. TextImage
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