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BMC 2Bottiaiai, Macedonia, 392-379 BC. AE15, 4.54g. Laureate head of Apollo right / BOTTIAIΩN, Lyre. BMC 2; SNG ANS 926; SNG Copenhagen 140-5 (Bottice).TextFull Size
Gaebler 122 Macedonia, Bottaiea AR 2.5 Obol. 179-168BC. Macedonian shield / stern of galley inscribed BOTTIAIΩN. TextFull Size
SNG ANS 923 Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, The Bottiaei(?). Circa 520-480 BC. AR Stater. Cow standing right, head left, suckling calf that stands right below; three pellets above / Rough quadripartite incuse square. AMNG III 7, Rosen 158. TextFull Size
SNG ANS 924 Macedon, the Bottiaei (?). Circa 6th-5th Century BC. AR Stater. Cow standing right, head reverted, suckling calf; pellet above / Divided incuse punch. Svoronos pl. XVIII, 6, SNG Copenhagen 460. TextFull Size
SNG Ash 3289v Macedonia, Bottiai, AR Tetrobol. Circa 196-168 BC. Macedonian shield with central five-rayed star / stern of galley right inscribed BOTTEATΩN, ΘE below. TextFull Size
SNG Cop 136Bottiaea, Macedonia 2-1/2 Obol. Macedonian shield with wheel-like ornament at centre and six crescents around / BOT monogram, MAKE-ΔONΩN above and below prow of galley, star above. TextFull Size
Sear SG 1438Bottiaia, Macedonia, AR triobol, struck under Philipp V and Perseus, ca. 185-168 BC. 1.86 g. Macedonian shield with a wheel-like ornament in the centre and six crescents around / Stern of galley inscribed BOTTEATΩN. Sear SG 1438; BMC 1; SNG Cop.137; AMNG III-1, 117 or 123.TextFull Size
Sear SG 1441Macedonia, Bottiaia, AE22. 10 g. Time of Philip V and Perseus, 196-168 BC. Head of Zeus right wearing oak wreath / MAKE-ΔONΩN above and beneath winged thunderbolt, BOT monogram and star below. Lindgren II 1346, BMC 48, Touratsaglou pl VI, 2; AMNG III-1, 143.TextFull Size
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