Ancient Coinage of Lydia, Titacazus

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Imhoof LS 1Titacazus, Lydia, AE19, semi-autonomous. 238-268. TITAKAZHNΩN, Nike walking left, holding wreath and palm branch / TITAKAZHNΩN, horse pacing left beside a palm branch, front leg raised. Imhoof LS 1 (this coin).TextFull Size
Loebbecke, 1887, pl. 3, 16Titacazus, Lydia, AE22, semi-autonomous. 238-268. 5.82 gr. ΔHMOC, draped bust of Demos right, hair bound in a taenia / TITAKAZHNΩN (Z is retrograde), Tyche standing left, kalathos on head, holding rudder and cornucopiae. von Sallet (Berlin new Acquisitions) p. 13 in ZfN 1887 = Löbbecke pl. III, 16 in ZfN 1887 (this coin).TextFull Size

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