Ancient Coinage of Mysomacedones, Lydia

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RPC 2567Tiberius, AE19 of Mysomacedones, Lydia. AD 14-37. Laureate head right; c/m: star above capricorn right within incuse oval / MYCOMAKEΔONΩN, Zeus standing left, holding eagle and sceptre. RPC I 2567.1; Leschhorn, Mysomakedones, p. 55; Plankenhorn 1126.TextFull Size
RPC Supp 1, 2568Livia, AE16 of Mysomacedones, Lydia. AD 14-29. CEBACTH, Livia seated right on throne, holding sceptre and branch / MYCOMAKEΔON-ΩN, cult image of Artemis Ephesia facing. RPC I Supp. 2568.3 (this coin); Leschhorn, Mysomakedones, 56; RPC 2568; Gökyildirim Istanbul 291; Vienna 36903; Plankenhorn 1127(this coin); GRPC Lydia 2(this coin).TextFull Size