Ancient Coinage of Lycia, Dynasts, Spintaza

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SNG vA 4163Lycian Dynasts. Spintaza (late 5th century BC). AR stater, 19mm, 9.71 g. Phellus mint. Female head (of Aphrodite?) left, hair tied with jeweled band at forehead. / Lycian legend (SΠ-ΠΞ-TA-IA 'Sppntaza'), around a tetraskeles rotating right, all within a dotted square within an incuse square. SNG von Aulock 4163; Jameson 1584; Babelon, Traité 337.TextImage
staterLycian Dynasts, Spintaza, c. 450-425 BC, AR stater. Tetraskeles, legend around, linear dotted border, all within incuse square. Possibly with head left on reverse = Pick 121. TextImage
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