Ancient Coinage of Lycia, Dynasts, Kuprilli

Kuprlli or Kuprilli, Dynast of Lycia, ca 470-440 BC

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Jameson_2319Lycia, Dynasts of, Kuprilli AR Stater. Circa 470-440 BC. Wild boar standing right, head lowered; IWMO on its side, P below / KOP-RL-E (retrograde), triskeles; all within incuse square. Mørkholm/Zahle 22. TextImage
Leu54-152Dynasts of Lycia, Kuprillii AR Tetrobol. ca 470-440 BC. Uncertain mint. Winged goat flying left; triskeles before / KO-PR-LLE, triskeles within incuse square with dotted border. TextImage
SNGCop Sup. 407Dynasts of Lycia, Kuprilli AR Stater. Forepart of lion leaping right, head reverted, triskeles on torso / Lycian inscription Koprlle, triskeles, all in incuse square with linear square border. Traite II 268.TextImage
SNGHel 433Lycian Dynasts. Kuprilli. Ca. 460-440 B.C. AR Stater. Xanthos mint. Bull left, triskeles above. SNG Helsinki 433. TextImage
SNGvA 4137Kuprilli. Circa 470-440 BC. AR Tetrobol. Winged lion crouching right, head reverted / Triskeles within incuse square. TextImage
SNGvA_4153Kuprilli. Circa 470-440 BC. AR Tetrobol. Bearded male head right (Kuprilli?), in crested Thracian helmet; triskeles below / Triskeles within incuse square. TextImage
Unlisted_Stater_01Lycia, Dynasts of, Kuprilli AR Stater. Circa 470-440 BC. Two leaping dolphins; triskeles above & below, monogram / K-O, triskeles; lotus flower in corner, all in dotted incuse square. TextImage
Vismara_115vLycia, Dynasts of. Kuprlli. Circa 470-440 BC. AR Third Stater (2.55 gm). Kandyba(?) mint. Winged lion crouching right / Triskeles within incuse square with linear dotted border; Lycian legend 'Kuprlli' around. TextImage
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