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CNG 115-259Antoninus Pius. AE18 of Lycaonia, Savatra. 138-161 AD. 3.38 gm. ANTΩNEINOC, laureate head right / (from centre right) CAOYATΡEΩN, bundle of grain stalks. Unpublished. CNG 115,259.TextFull Size
SNG Cop 16Antoninus Pius 26mm of Savatra, Lycaonia. AVT KAI AΔΡ ANTΩNINOC, laureate head right / CAOVA-TΡEΩN, river-god Lykos standing left, holding grain ears & long cattail stalk with smaller stalk behind; fish or crab left at feet. Von Aulock, Lykaoniens 166-177, SNGFr 2330-2331. TextImage
SNG Righetti 1467Antoninus Pius, AE of Savatra, Lycaonia. AD 138-161. 12.16 gr. AYT KAIC AΔΡI ANTΩNINOC CE, laureate head right / CAOYATΡEΩN, river-god, bearded, naked but for chlamys over left shoulder, standing left, holding upright reed in left hand and corn-ears in lowered right hand; fish swimming left at foot. SNG Righetti 1467-1468. Obv. legend var (all with CEB) of Von Aulock, Lykaonien 166; SNG France 3030; SNG von Aulock 5406.TextFull Size
SNG vA 5405Antoninus Pius, AE25 of Lycaonia, Savatra. 138-161 AD. AVT KAIC AΔΡ ANTΩNINOC CE, laureate head right / CAOYATΡEΩN, turreted Tyche seated left, holding rudder and cornucopiae. SNG von Aulock 5405; Vienna 34106; SNG Paris 2329.TextFull Size