Ancient Coinage of Lucania, Laos

[SNG ANS 136]

Laos or Laus, at the mouth of the River Laos, in Lucania

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BMC 20Laos, Lucania. AE 14.40mm, 2.15 gr. after 460 BC. Head of Herakles right / ΣTA OYI, Bird standing right. BMC 20; SNG Evelpidis 217.TextImage
BMC 14vLUCANIA, Laos. ca 3rd Century BC. AE16mm. Facing bust of Demeter / Two crows passing one another; OV left, YS right. TextImage
BMC 18Lucania, Laos. Circa 350-300 BC. AE17mm. Female (Demeter?) head left / Bird standing left; crab to left; EI(wreath)BI to right. HN Italy 2299. TextImage
HN 2304Laos, Lucania. Ca 350-300 BC. AE 12, 1.99 gr. Draped bust of female facing / Two birds (crows) passing each other, necks crossed. HN Italy 2304. SNG ANS 156. SNG Copenhagen 1154 (Heraclea).TextImage
SNG ANS 132LUCANIA, Laos. ca 510-500 BC. AR Nomos. LAFS, man-headed bull standing right, head turned left; double exergue line separated by a row of pellets / NOS raised & retrograde (weak), incuse man-headed bull standing left, head turned to the right. TextImage
SNG ANS 136Lucania, Laus AR Stater. ca 480460 BC. ΛAΣ (retrograde), man-faced bull standing left, head reverted, acorn in exergue / ΛAΣ (retrograde), man-faced bull standing right. SNG Lloyd 288, HN Italy 2277. TextImage
SNGANS 147Lucania, Laos. Circa 350-300 BC. AE18mm. Head of Dionysus right / Bird standing right; ram's head before. Rutter HN 2305. TextImage
Sternberg 7Lucania, Laos AR Nomos. ca 480-460 BC. MON, man-headed bull standing left, head reverted / ΣAΛ, man-headed bull right. TextImage
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