Ancient Coinage of Pordosilene-Poroselene, Lesbos

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BMC 1Pordosilene, Lesbos, AR drachm, 427-405 BC. Head of Apollo right, hair bound in a taenia. / ΠOΡΔ-OΣIΛ to right and left of lyre. BMC 1; Stauber Adramytteion 1a and 16; SNG von Aulock 7757; Erol-÷zdizbay 1.TextFull Size
BMC 2-3Pordosilene, Lesbos, AE 9 mm, ca 400-350 BC. 9 mm, 0.64 g. Head of Silenos right. / ΠOΡ beneath dolphin swimming right. BMC 2-3; Erol-Ozdizbay 6; Stauber Adramytteion 7a-7f; SNG France 2393; SNG Turkey 9-II, 831-838; Hoover HGC 1100; Paris 406.TextFull Size
BMC 4Pordosilene - Poroselene, Lesbos, AE15, AD 198-211. 1.6 g. Helmeted bust of Athena right. / ΠOΡOCEΛHNEITΩN, Telesphoros standing facing, wearing hooded mantle. BMC 4; SNG Cop. 434; Erol 9; Stauber Adramytteion 10-12; SNG Munich 811.TextFull Size
Erol 4Pordosilene, Lesbos, AR Hemiobol, ca 427-405 BC. 6 mm, 0.31 g. Head of Apollo right, hair bound in a taenia. / ΠOΡ, conch or murex shell. Erol-Ozdizbay 4; Stauber Adramytteion 4a-4b; SNG France 2392; SNG Ashmolean 1601.TextFull Size
Erol 10 varPordosilene, Lesbos, AE17. 3rd c. AD. 2.32 g. Coiled serpent right arising from garlanded altar, cista mystica (?) to right. / ΠOΡO-CEΛHNEI, panther walking right. var of Erol-Ozdizbay 10; Stauber Adramytteion 8; SNG France 5, 2395 and Paris 408 (all with legend on both sides and no symbol on obv).TextFull Size
HGC 1097Pordosilene, Lesbos, AR Hemidrachm, ca 427-405 BC. 11 mm, 2.07 g. Head of Apollo right, hair bound in a taenia. / ΠOΡΔ, panther standing right, head facing, within incuse square. Hoover HGC 1097; Erol-Ozdizbay 2; Stauber Adramytteion 2a-2b; Berlin 18205776.TextFull Size
HGC 1098Pordosilene, Lesbos, AR obol, ca 427-405 BC. 7 mm, 0.6 g. Head of Apollo right, hair bound in a taenia. / ΠOΡΔ, crab within incuse square. Hoover HGC 1098; Erol-Ozdizbay 3; Stauber Adramytteion 3a-3b; SNG Turkey 9-II, 829-830.TextFull Size
Paris 408Pordosilene, Lesbos, AE16. 3rd c. AD. 2.32 g. ΠΡOCEΛHNEI, Coiled serpent with head right, rising from garlanded altar, crescent below. / ΠΩΡOYCΛHNEI, panther walking right. Paris 408; SNG France 5, 2395 (this coin).TextFull Size
SNG vA 1765Pordosilene, Lesbos, Hemiobol, ca 450 BC. 7 mm, 0.45 g. Head of Silenos right / ΠOΡ above and beneath dolphin swimming right. SNG von Aulock 1765; Erol 5; Stauber Adramytteion 6; Hoover HGC 1099.TextFull Size
BMC 5Septimius Severus, AE17 of Pordoselene, Lesbos. AD 193-211. 2.36 g. AY KAI CE CEOYHΡOC ΠEΡΠ, laureate head right. / ΠΩΡOCEΛHNEITΩN, Asklepios standing front, looking left, leaning on serpent-entwined staff. BMC 5; Stauber Adramytteion 22-25; SNG Munich 812; SNG France 5, 2397; SNG Cop 436; Erol-Ozdizbay 18.TextFull Size
Erol 23Severus Alexander, AE38 medallion of Pordoselene-Poroselene, Lesbos. AD 222-235. 30.87 g. Magistrate Aurelius Coscelius. AYT K M AYΡ CEY AΛEXANΔΡOC, laureate head right. / EΠI CTΡ AYΡ KΩCKEΛI OY TAM ΠOΡOCEΛHN, EIT-ΩN across fields, Tyche standing left, modius on head, holding patera and cornucopiae. Erol-÷zdizbay 23; Triton VIII, 761.TextFull Size
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