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SNGvA 8023.1
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SNGvA 8023 Oinoe, Ikaros, Ionia, AR Drachm, Circa 340-300 BC. Three-quarter facing head of Artemis, head turned slightly right, bow & quiver over shoulder / OINAI in exergue, bull butting left. SNG Delepierre 2670; Head, Historia Nummorum, pg. 602. TextFull Size
Sear 4620Oenoe, Ionia, AR drachm, 3rd cent. BC. 15.5 mm, 3.38 g. Head of Artemis facing three-quarters right. / OINAI beneath bull butting right. Dewing 2333; SNG von Aulock 8023; Sear 4620.TextFull Size
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