A list of references for the Magnesia Magistrates' tetradrachms, which have the head of Artemis on the obverse and Apollo standing left on the reverse.

Note. Because the Jones catalog in ANS Museum Notes 24 (freely downloadable for everyone on hathitrust thanks to the ANS) differentiates between weights and dies, many numbers are repeated, so to avoid confusion, I am including the Jones catalog numbers only for exceptional coins.

Magistratelegend on reverseReferences
Aristokrates, son of AndronosMAΓNHTΩN AΡIΣTOKΡATHΣ ANΔΡONOYPhilipsen Coll. sale, 2158 (Hirsch XXV, 1909); Jones 35.
Apollodoros, son of KallikratosMAΓNHTΩN AΠOΛΛOΔWROS KALLIKRATOYSHunter 8; Dewing 2286; Dieudonne 50 in RN 1901; Paris 1421; Pozzi 2463.
Erasippos, son of AristeosMAΓNHTΩN EΡAΣIΠΠOΣ AΡIΣTEOYSNG von Aulock 2042; Hunter 7; BMC 37; de Luynes 2619; Pozzi 2461; McClean 8; SNG Berry 1067; Norman Davis Coll. 211.
Euphemos, son of PausaniosMAΓNHTΩN EYΦHMOΣ ΠAYΣANIOYBMC 36; SNG Berry 1068-1069; Weber 6003-6004; Paris 1419 and 1422; Waddington 1725; SNG Lewis 930-931; Bompoise Coll. 1511.
Herognetos, son of ZopyrionosMAΓNHTΩN HΡOΓNHTOΣ ZΩΠYΡIΩNOΣBMC 38; SNG von Aulock 7921; SNG Lockett 2307; Pozzi 2463; Paris 1420 and 2642; Brussels, de Hirsch 1509-1510; Boston II, 172; Bompoise coll. 1510. (The Z is the archaic type, resembling an I).
Pausanias, son of PausaniosMAΓNHTΩN ΠAYΣANIAΣ ΠAYΣANIOYSNG Cop 844; Mionnet VI, 1007; SNG von Aulock 7922; Jameson 1504; SNG Lockett 2830; Dutch Royal Coin Cabinet 5785; du Chastel 1899.
Pythodoros, son of DemokratosMAΓNHTΩN ΠYΘOΔΩΡOΣ ΔHMOKΡATOYSNG Cop 845; Jones 36