List of the Kolophon Horsemen

All between 330 and 285 BC.
All with laureate head of Apollo right, unless otherwise noted.
All with helmeted horseman riding right, holding couched spear, unless otherwise noted.
Magistrate's nameRev. legendKnown size or weightReferenceNotes
AmemptosKOL AMEMPTOS17-19mm, 4.13-5.48 grSNG Cop 159; Milne 128A-F; Imhoof GM 271; McClean 8053; BMC 27lyre in field
AristokanesKOL ARISTOKANHS?Beirut Collection 372lyre in field
AristophanesKOL ARISTOFANHS18-19mm, 3.97-5.18 grSNG Cop 160; Milne 129A-Elyre in field
DeiklosKOL DHIKLOS17-19mm, ca 5 grSNG v.A. 2014; SNG Cop 162; Milne 131A-D; BMC 29; Weber 5823lyre in field
DionysifanesKOL DIONUSIFANHS18-19mm, 3.3-5.05 grSNG Cop 163-164; Milne 132A-G; Imhoof MG 36; Mionnet Supp. VI, 115; Babelon Traité II-II, 5lyre in field
DionysiosKOLOFWNIWN DIONUSIOS?Mionnet Supp. VI, 111-
DusithiosKOL DWSIQEOS15mm, 2.05 grSNG Cop 173; Milne 151Alyre in field
EgesianaxKOL HGHSIANAX16-18mm, 5-18-5.77 grSNG Cop 165; Milne 134a-F; BMC 31; Babelon Traite II-II,6lyre in field
ElianachosKOL HLIANAX20.32mmBMC 32lyre in field
Erakled..KOL HRAKLHD-Mionnet Supp. VI, 113-
ErmipposKOL ERMIPPOS18mmMilne 133A; BMC 30lyre in field
FanaiomKOL FANAIOM18mmMilne 141Alyre in field
GlaukosKOL GLAUKOS16-18mm, 4.88 grSNG Cop 161; Milne 130A-D; BMC 28lyre in field
IkesiosKOL IKESIOS15-16mm, 2.62-2.72 grSNG Cop 174; Milne 155A-C; Hunter 4lyre in field
IkesiosKOL IKESIOS18-20mm, 4.4-6.12 grMilne 136A-F; SNG Cop 166; Mionnet VI, 114; BMC 33lyre in field
Konnis..KO KONNIS?Mionnet Supp. VI, 109-
Metro..KOL MHTRO19mmMilne 137A; BMC 34lyre in field
NoneKOL1.75 grSNG Tuebingen 2905-2908lyre in field
NoneKOL5.35-5.55 grSNG Tuebingen 2905-2906lyre in field
PantagnutosKOL PANTAGNWTOS18-20mm, 3.86-6.36 grSNG Cop 167-168; Milne 138A-D; Waddington 1497; Prowe III, 831lyre in field
PlatonKOL PLATWN14-18mm, 4.42-5.28 grSNG Cop 169; Milne 139A-E; Imhoof MG 37; BMC 35; Lindgren III, 342lyre in field
Poseis..KOL POSEIS5.85 grSNG v.A. 2013
PrutanisKOL PRUTANIS19 mm, 4.57 grMueller Collection 1734-
Pythippos?KOL PUQIPPOS3.24 grLindgren III, 341lyre in field
TelegonosKOL THLEGONOS18mm, 3.86-6.36 grMilne 140A-C; Waddington 1498lyre in field
...ketiosKOLO...KETIOU-Mionnet Suppl. VI, 112-